7 Living Room Decoration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The living room is the focal point in most homes, and lackluster decorating will keep your home’s living room from meeting its potential when hosting friends and family members. The fact is that families in the United States of America spend only 37 minutes of quality time together, but investing in the best living room furniture could change that.

It takes little time for your living room decor ideas to grow stale, but you can make small changes to freshen things up. The most important thing is to avoid making living room decoration mistakes that hold your home’s aesthetic back.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning more about designing living rooms in the most appealing way possible. Keep reading this article to find the best modern living room decorations today!

1. Using the TV as the Main Attraction

Many families in the United States make the mistake of using the television as the primary point of focus in the living room design. The TV is integral to the living room decor, but you shouldn’t build your room around it. Don’t make the mistake of putting your TV above the mantle and fireplace.

Take time to examine your living room furniture and decor to determine the room’s focal point. Consider redecorating your living room if the TV is the center of attention.

Your living room should be a social area where you can engage with your family members and guests. Don’t turn your living room into the primary spot in the home to go when you want to channel surf.

2. Bright Wall Colors

Never choose bright wall colors when you’re redecorating your living room. Bright colors are one of the worst living room decoration mistakes homeowners make, and it’s a huge hassle to fix this error in judgment. You might love the color, but your family members and guests could feel overwhelmed and suffocated by it. 

Your best bet is to choose a neutral color when you can try new living room decor ideas. Combine a neutral color with Ready-To-Ship American Made Decor for your living room to add a touch of elegance and class to your home’s design. Find colors that play well with your neutral walls when designing living rooms in the future.

It would help if you also held off on choosing a paint color until you’ve picked out the living room furniture. Paint plays a massive role in your redecorating efforts, but you want to avoid painting yourself into a corner (pun intended) and choosing furniture you dislike based on matching your paint.

3. Buying Living Room Furniture Without Measuring

Always measure your living room’s dimensions before you head out to shop for new living room furniture. Having an idea of how much space you have to work with is essential so you can choose the right furniture for your family’s needs. The most notable culprit when picking furniture is the coffee table, though sectionals also occupy a large chunk of space.

The accurate numbers and dimensions will help you narrow your furniture options. You won’t get betrayed by your eyes and purchase expensive furniture for your living room that won’t fit. The measurements will guide you to the furniture options that will work and look stunning in your living room.

4. Shopping at Only One Store

The idea of buying all your modern living room decorations at one store is a mistake you should attempt to avoid. It’s tempting to enjoy the convenience of purchasing all your decorations in one spot, but you’ll limit yourself to the best options and decorations. Shopping around allows you to explore and find the furniture and decorations that speak to you.

Getting everything from one store results in a generic feeling in your living room. Don’t give up on your living room decor ideas for the sake of convenience, especially if you want your home to have a special feeling and aesthetic. Check out boutiques in your area to find unique pieces to decorate your living room with.

You can prevent your living room decorations from looking too cookie-cutter. The biggest living room decoration mistakes result in a generic living room that doesn’t feel comfortable.

5. Fearing Bold Choices

You need to make bold choices if you want to avoid living room decoration mistakes in your home. A living room without any bold features will look bland and boring to visitors and family members. Bold accent colors and stunning works of art on the walls will add energy and soul to your living room.

6. Making Everything Bold

Everything is better with moderation, and bold modern living room decorations are no exception. You don’t want to be afraid to get bold with your living room decorations, but avoid going overboard if you want a comfortable living room. Too much boldness will overwhelm your visitors and family members with the colors and textures.

You can still use a bold focal point for your home’s living room, but pair it with simple pieces of living room furniture. The simplicity of these pieces allows the bold focal point to stand out even more.

7. Getting Sentimental

Sentimentality is a wonderful thing, but you can’t be afraid to let old pieces of living room furniture and decor go. The reason your home’s living room looks outdated and gray is the fact that you’re reluctant to let go of the past and embrace new living room decor ideas. Matte brass fixtures for living room lighting are a much better option than the shiny gold fixtures of decades past.

Avoid These Living Room Decoration Mistakes Today

Avoiding the biggest living room decoration mistakes is crucial when you start your journey toward modern living room decorations. Avoid getting too bold with your living room decor ideas, and pair your bold focal points with simple and elegant living room furniture. Don’t shop at one store because this makes your living room feel inauthentic and bland.

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