A 5-step guide for effective keyword research 

A 5-step guide for effective keyword research 

The keyword search engine strategies change with time. Suppose you want to stay updated and you would like to receive a positive response by using SEO keywords in your content and by optimizing your website. In that case, you need to know about the updated keyword research strategies. 

Step by step Guide to go effective keyword Research:

You need to follow some of the below basics steps to do ecommerce keyword research professionally

1. Keyword research according to page intent

It would help if you did the keyword research according to the page intent. The keywords you will be using in your content must be relevant to the content. 

  • Home page

For your home page, you should be using keywords that describe what type of services you are offering. You need to write about your company on the home page.

  • Product page

On the product page, you need to write about the product why the user has to buy it from you. It would be a kind of promotion content, and you need to research for promotional keywords. 

  • Category page

When a customer makes their mind to buy a specific product, they use a specific keyword to get directed to that product. You need to optimize your category page so the buyer can get what they were looking for without any hassle. 

  • Blogs and articles page

Customers often read about the company, services, and products from the blog page. If you write informational intent, you need to research for informational intent keywords.

2. Brainstorm and ask yourself questions

You will be doing keyword research for the customers. You use keywords to get maximum clicks on your website. Before you get into keyword research, ask yourself a few questions like the following ones:

  • What would people look for?
  • Which type of user would you like to hit with your content?
  • When do people search for the content? (any specific timing in the year)
  • What type of words would people use while searching?
  • What type of question can a user ask?
  • Which device will be used more while searching for information?
  • Where do potential customers live?

You need to make a sheet of the following questions to answer them accordingly. Once you know the answer to these questions, your keyword research will become more useful and less stressful. 

3. Start your research

When you are done with the two above steps, now it is time to finally start the research for keywords. There are different types of tools that would help you do keyword research. Let’s highlight a few of them here so you will know where you can get help while doing the keyword research:

  • Semrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Ahrefs

If you don’t want to use any research tool, you can start your research using Google. It would also provide you with the results.

4. Your prioritized keywords

Using SEO tools would help you find keywords with good search volume per month. You will know about the trending keywords that you can use in your content for promoting your online business.

If you are starting your keyword research from scratch, then here are a few tips that might help you do the research better. 

  • Make a list of the pages you are searching keywords for
  • Input prioritized keywords in SEO tools for monthly volume and competition
  • Be more specific about your keyword research
  • Use Google for keyword research if you are not finding good keywords with good search volume

Just keep your data well organized while doing the keyword research. You can make a spreadsheet where you can save the keywords with good search volume and add long-tail keywords there. 

You can keep updating the keywords whenever you do keyword research. This way, you won’t get confused in using keywords. 

5. Start optimizing with your search intent

You will not be alone using the keyword research process for your e-commerce website. The competition is quite tight. Then how will you know that your content will work and get the attention? Your competitors will try their best to beat you in the competition. 

  • To ensure you are using the right keywords in your content, let’s get 100% sure. 
  • It would help if you typed your target keywords in the typical Google search bar. You will get the results that how common your targeted keywords are. 

You can use Clearscope, an SEO tool that would provide you with top-ranking search results. You will know which keyword would work for your website and which has a lower search volume. 

Final Remarks:

SEO keyword search in the world of E-commerce business has brought a boom. Using the right keyword and making your online business website available to the customer will help in improving your sales. Simply follow the keyword research guide to let you know about the trending keywords that have good search volume.

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