A First-Hand Experience of Shopping With LONGER

Getting a reliable 3D printer dealer is quite challenging, and you may end up with an undesirable product from an illegitimate company. This should not always be the situation if you have a credible 3D printing company having your back. LONGER is such a company, with a decent reputation that has earned it several accolades. 

A thing to appreciate about LONGER is its online platform, where you can shop for its products. You can visit it to check what it offers and purchase what you want. Let us give you a first-hand experience of what it feels like to shop on the platform.

Site Design

When on the platform, you will notice its excellent design. The icons are well-arranged, making it easy to navigate. Moreover, the site loads fast and won’t leave you frustrated waiting for a page to load. The color scheme is friendly, with the dropdown menus showing you what they contain. 

Visit LONGER Academy

As first-timer on LONGER’s website, you should pass by the Academy, which is its blog section. Here, you find several articles that give you more info on the company and its products. You also get a hint of the usability of the various products, such as the MKSLaser, an app that works with the LONGER Ray5 laser engraver. 

You can also check the company’s background on the About section.

Buying Products

To buy products, you click on the preferred section from 3D printers, laser engravers and accessories. You then select the product you are looking for from the dropdown list. You will realize that LONGER has a diverse catalog, with items suitable for heavy duty and light use. 

Once you select the product, you read its description to know about its features and how it works. Some items have videos for proper guidance. If satisfied with what you see, you can add the item on your cart for a later checkout, or you buy it at the spot.

At this point, you need to provide billing and shipping information to proceed with the purchase. Enter the details asked and pick a suitable payment method and finalize the process. You will receive an email to alert you of the purchase and shipping info so that you can track what you bought. 

The Discounts

LONGER has several offers and discounted prices that you should make use of. They include a signup discount and an offer that you can gift to your friends by sending them a link. Also, there is the big sale on items like the LONGER LK4 X.  Always be on the lookout for the offers to enjoy your shopping experience.

Customer Support

Do not hesitate to contact the support center if you encounter an issue when on the website. You can reach support via phone or email. The contacts are on the website. 

Final Remark

LONGER has one of the best 3D printer shopping platforms, which you should check out if looking for 3D printing supplies. The platform is friendly with tons of offers and other amazing things at your disposal. Bookmark the website for your 3D printing and laser engraving supply needs. 

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