Can I use any tumbler for sublimation?

Can I use any tumbler for sublimation?

Sublimation printing is a very popular method of digital printing. It’s faster and more accurate than other methods, but it’s also harder to learn and use. If you’re just getting started with sublimation tumblers, this can be a bit overwhelming! Here are some tips for choosing the right tumbler for your project:

Not all tumbler companies are qualified to print on their products.

The first thing to consider is that not all tumbler companies are qualified to print on their products. 20oz sublimation tumbler are a different type of cup that needs special equipment and materials, so they’re usually only available through authorized vendors like ours. If you want to use an old favorite from your childhood, make sure it’s made from the same material as regular cups—you can’t just slap some sublimation on top of it!

In addition to being able to make sure your chosen product will work for you, there are other reasons why we recommend visiting our site before making any purchases:

All tumblers are not created equal.

As you’re looking for a tumbler for sublimation, it’s important that you know which type of tumbler is best for your needs. There are two categories of tumblers: those made specifically for drinking and those made specifically for using with alcohol.

If you want to use your new tumbler with alcohol, make sure that it has an airtight seal (the lid) and fits securely into any cup holder in your car or home. This will prevent spills from happening in the first place—and if they do happen anyway, at least you won’t have any issues getting them out! If possible, try not to fill up too much liquid into the container; this will help keep things neat when we’re talking about design principles there too.”

Do not run the tumbler through the dishwasher.

This will ruin your print, as well as cause permanent damage to the finish on any painted parts of the machine.

If you need to clean the tumbler, use a damp cloth and mild detergent. Never use abrasive cleaners or steel wool as they can scratch the finish off your machine.

Test out sublimation tumblers before you buy them

When you’re deciding which tumbler to use, it’s important to test out the tumblers in different conditions and materials. For example, if you’re going to be printing on silk T-shirts, then a non-silk tumbler may not work as well. If you have any doubts about your equipment or materials, check out our blog post on how to “test” a sublimation printer!

Not all tumblers are created equal. There are many different brands and models on the market, but only a few will give you the best results. The best tool for sublimation is an industrial-grade tumbler that can handle high volumes of garments and print with precision.


The sublimation tumbler is an essential tool for any printing company or startup. They are so versatile that you can use them for multiple purposes, including:

  • Printing promotional items such as T-shirts or hats
  • Creating silk screens on paper and fabric
  • Textiles such as bedsheets, tablecloths and curtains made from polyester or cotton fabrics
  • Inkjet prints on plastic surfaces like water bottles and cups (and more)

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