Clash of clans how are league medals divided

clash of clans’ clan battle league has further competitiveness and rich rewards . Many clan members want to participate in and get rich rewards , but there will be a lot of disputes in the clan about the distribution of rewards after the league, because only the deputy leader The above positions are eligible to be allocated and only 5-10 copies , each with more than 80 league medals , these medals can be exchanged for some good things to accelerate the development, because there are many members of the tribe, so who is allocated to whom is a problem ? The following editor will talk about my opinion on how to get clash of clans how are league medals divided. If you want to know more about how to get league medals in clash of clans, you can visit .

 There are four common ways to distribute league awards. Here are four ways to distribute league medals , and the advantages and disadvantages of these distribution methods :

1. Allocate according to the personal preference of the distributor

The first distribution method is to distribute to whoever has a good relationship with the distributor , which is common in various tribes of relatives and friends .

From the perspective of the interests of some players, this distribution method should be the most unconvincing. Unless the tribes who contribute the most are those relatives and friends who have received rewards , other players who have contributed a lot will feel unfair in the long run. And unconvinced, everyone comes to play games for fun, and I believe not many people will endure this kind of unfairness for a long time. Therefore, this distribution method is actually very unfavorable to the development of the tribe .

2. Distribution according to the activity of tribe members

This is the kind of people who are usually active in the tribe , and whoever has a lot of chats will share it with. This is to allow these members to make persistent efforts to drive the active atmosphere of the tribe.

The method of allocating according to the activity of tribal members is relatively scientific. It can not only speed up the development of the active party, but also make their activity more rewarding. It can also stimulate other people to make them active. With one stone, many birds can be used for the long-term development of the tribe. There is a good boost.

3. Distribution according to the number of donated troops

Because many tribes do not have a hang-up number dedicated to donating troops, players need to donate troops by themselves, so that the proceeds of donating troops are additional rewards for the league .

This method of determining distribution based on the number of troop donations among tribal members is actually similar to the distribution based on the activity of tribal members, because tribal members must be active if they want to contribute enough troops . The difference between this distribution method and the second distribution method is that this distribution method can help other members to get real help, and improve the situation of the tribe’s military donation. The tribe with a good donation situation believes that the future development will not be good. would be bad.

4. Distribution according to league record ranking

The last distribution method is to distribute according to the league’s record ranking at that time , and distribute it to the 5-10 members with the most stars according to the reward share .

The distribution is based on the ranking of the league matches at that time . This distribution method can motivate tribe members to complete the league with higher quality, and this distribution method has the advantage that as long as you can play, you can get the opportunity to distribute everything. All speak according to strength. One thing to pay attention to when using this distribution method is that some players deliberately go high and play low in order to get stars, disrupting the original tactical arrangement of the tribe, and eventually lead to the consequences of losing the tribe war , so the gains outweigh the losses.


The above is the whole content of how to distribute the medals of the Clash of Clans League. Generally speaking , active players and players who donate troops in the tribe are very important . In the game, the status quo of each tribe is different, and the distribution methods adopted are also different. What kind of division method is used for league medals ? You can leave a message to discuss, if you want to know more about the content of the clash of clans league medals, you can continue to pay attention to, they will continue to update the relevant content of how to get league medals in clash of clans, come and have a look!

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