DeskFlex and Room Scheduling details

DeskFlex and Room Scheduling details

History of the Company

Since 1993, DeskFlex has continuously built and innovated. In the meantime, DeskFlex has evolved into a strong technological asset. Under the same product name, we offered one of the first integrated MS Windows-based programs for charity organizations in 1993. The Illinois-based DeskFlex Inc owns and licenses DeskFlex software. We provide flexible and innovative software for booking conference rooms, office workspaces, desks, and parking spaces.

Why do we do what we do? 

A variety of reservation options are available, including desk scheduling, room scheduling, shared workspaces, parking management, and equipment reservations. DeskFlex is the standard by which other PMS systems are measured. In terms of functionality, our hoteling software consistently outperforms the competition. Independent and specialist hotels rely on us for office management systems. 

 Enterprise Deskflex

 A guest-centric system, SolutionEnterprise Solution DeskFlex provides a thoughtfully crafted user interface. DeskFlex, however, will run on most internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.


We provide easy-to-use, efficient, and performance-driven hotel and call center management software tools to entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, we provide creative technology that motivates clients’ offices and simplifies their daily lives.

DeskFlex’s clients’ reasons for choosing us

  1. Technology solutions that revolutionize entrepreneurship.
  2. You can make carefully guided decisions with this competitive and flexible functionality.
  3. A global workforce requires worldwide compatibility.
  4. Manages expenditures effectively.
  5. Provides exclusive and customizable designs.
  6. Creates an environment that is flexible and positive.

Having a vision 

We provide entrepreneurs with management resources that make their lives easier. Utilize smart technology to maximize time and resources. Using powerful floor applications, you can schedule, assess, and evaluate the efficient use of staff and real estate.  

Values of products

 For the entrepreneur, we provide a product that is straight forward, easy to use, flexible, and offers a practical value.

Promises we make

1.  The DeskFlex identifies possible advantages and problems with your hoteling system. We help you use our software to its full potential. Furthermore, we strive to simplify the reservation process for your company life to help you allocate your resources more effectively.

2. As a result, we offer an award-winning application to assist customers to improve performance and revenue margins, while also providing free resources and guidance to them.

3. In the business world, DeskFlex is best known for its hoteling and desk management software Total Office Manager. Additionally, we have developed the best conference room and parking management applications in the world. With these integrated applications, you can improve your business immediately and see a return on your investment.


Streamlining and optimizing your business is our focus. Our software is tailored and customized to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, your company’s satisfaction with our company is crucial to our success. As we work with each company, we learn how to improve our product to meet their needs. In order to provide our customers with more value, we are constantly innovating and improving our software.

The latest innovations

Innovations in functionality are our focus. Our single server software is available on the cloud. Additionally, the integrated software reduces investments in IT infrastructure, making it cost-effective as well. The DeskFlex system increases manageability, data visibility across departments, and company sustainability. Mycloud HOSPITALITY is the latest technology and functional innovation from Prologic First. It is also a cloud-based solution that offers package management software, point of sale software, channel management, and receivables on a pay-per-use basis.

Track record

With over 1000 international customers, DeskFlex offers high-quality technical services. Among our clients are well-known businesses, resort hotels, apartment companies, restaurants, catering companies, clubs, conference centers, attractions, and theme parks. Our products and services are contracted through regional offices and associates in each area where we have clients.

Software for room scheduling from DeskFlex

The best scheduling software, DeskFlex, relieves staff of the burden of managing conference room space utilization, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. Optimising workplaces requires business digitalization. You can search, book, and schedule meetings easier with room scheduling software that syncs with your office calendar.

Room scheduling software from DeskFlex is simple, easy to use, and cost-effective. Double bookings, no-shows, and lost reservations are eliminated with DeskFlex’s room scheduling system.

Software For Scheduling Meeting Rooms

Room scheduling allows you to forecast usage patterns and introduce new policies that make it easier for staff to meet in the space. It is possible to maximize the use of office space and reduce team stress by using conference room scheduling software. With the DeskFlex meeting room booking tool, team members can check availability times for meeting rooms and conference rooms to avoid scheduling conflicts.

DeskFlex is a robust system for reserving conference rooms. With DeskFlex’s online room booking system, you’ll be able to maximize your office space, which includes the following benefits:

  • Utilize your workspace to the fullest extent possible.
  • Workflows can be enhanced.
  • Team members’ disengagement and dissatisfaction will be reduced.
  • Team members with higher satisfaction are more productive and morale is higher.

Facility Scheduling Software for the Workplace

For large and small businesses, including hospitals, health centers, educational institutions, and other industries, we offer web-based conference room scheduling software.

A number of scheduling, management, and online booking features are included in DeskFlex’s facility management software. In DeskFlex’s conference location booking tool, admins can:

  • Maintain a record of the workplace space and equipment.
  • Make sure the room is being used and for how long.
  • Manage your team’s reservations for facilities.
  • Maintain accurate records and audit reports.

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