Getting Started Rock Climbing

Getting Started Rock Climbing

It is considered that climbing is as funny entertainment as gambling on 20Bet. There are many different types of rock climbing disciplines that require varying levels of training and equipment. You may have seen people hanging from ropes that are hundreds of feet up in the air. While this is a fun way to introduce yourself to the sport, there are other forms that are more challenging. For those who are new to the sport, the best place to start is bouldering or top-rope climbing.

When you’re starting out at a gym or climbing with a guide, you’ll need to bring the necessary equipment, moreover, some gyms or instructors may require you to buy a few items. You’ll eventually want to own a full set of climbing gear.

Before you start climbing, make sure to thoroughly inspect your gear. Although frequent use can result in some wear and tear, the benefit of owning your own equipment is that you have a good understanding of its history.

Climbing Clothes

You should wear clothes that will allow you to move freely while you’re on the wall. Make sure that they are lightweight and have a fast drying process to keep you warm and comfortable. If you’re going to be climbing in the outdoors, make sure to bring extra clothes for different conditions.

Rock Climbing Shoes

While rock climbing shoes provide the necessary traction to grip objects, they should also be comfortable enough to protect your feet. Your ability to perform specific tasks and the type of climbing you’re doing will determine which type of shoe is right for you.


Like gymnasts, climbers utilize chalk to enhance their grip. It helps absorb perspiration on one’s hands. People carry it in a bag slung from their waist, and some areas, such as gyms, don’t allow the use of chalk.

Besides comfortable clothes and climbing shoes, you’ll also need a belay device, a locking carabiner, and a climbing harness for top-roping.

Climbing Harness 

The harness allows you to securely fasten the rope. Most harnesses come with a pair of tie-in points designed for threading the rope. These are different from the belay loops, and they should be adjusted correctly. If you’re unsure of how to put on a harness, watch our video to learn how to do so.

Climbing Helmet

A climbing helmet is used to protect the head from falling debris and rocks. Some models are also designed to provide some level of protection in case of an accident. Since they’re not allowed in gyms, climbers typically don’t wear them when they’re at a gym. Ideally, a helmet should fit snugly on the head and feel light and comfortable.

Belay Device

A belay device is also used to control the movement of the rope as the belayer moves. There are two main types of belay devices: assisted-braking and tube-style. These are usually recommended for those who are looking for additional security.

Climbing Rope

The rope is an essential item for every climber, whether you’re new to the sport or experienced. As you start to climb, the rope you choose will depend on what you’re doing and where you’re going.


Strong and light metal rings with gates are ideal for various climbing applications. The first type of carabiner that most people will need is a locking type.

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