How create a logo for applications : some tips

How create a logo for applications : some tips

Application development _ _ mobile is a business promising . According to forecasts , in the future next the income from this ambit will generate 189,000 million dollars . The average smartphone owner uses 30 apps in its device each month . There are 2.8 million applications official for Android fans . _ how _ to loan pay attention to your applications in the midst of so much competition ?

The first thing a user does before installing an app is to look at the image. in the phase initial , only the icon distinguishes your app from many others . the icon must be the most convincing possible , it’s the only one way to attract a large number of users . a design convincing and high quality , without extra words , will make your app is popular.

why _ you need an icon for your app mobile ?

The role of the icon is to make the user is interested and convinced that the application mobile phone is trustworthy and can solve your needs real .

one of the online logo designers _ plus common is Turbologo . with him you can to create tens or even hundreds of logo designs . _ will be able to create the your logo _ company without resorting to expensive designers professionals . The logo generator is based in artificial intelligence elements .

Some tips on What create a logo for apps

The icon for a app mobile it has to be original (so as not to violate copyright ) . _ In As for the color and style , must coincide with the program interface design . _ _ And it is also important that the element corresponds to the standards development officers . _

You also have to have in count the recommendations general universal so that the Logo comply its functions effectively . they have picked up five of these rules :

  1. Scalability

The home page of the online store shows the app icon _ mobile . In everybody the cases , you will have different sizes . the visualization on the screen usually depend on resolution and user settings . _ The main thing is that in everybody the cases the image is legible, and that the user does not have to strain their eyes to see the details . You may check the display options of your _ icons with services specials .

  1. Recognition

The symbols and images of your icon must be recognizable by most of _ _ users . All the items visuals must be understandable to people, regardless of the country in the one they live and the language they speak . an icon single will be effective Yes user help _ as much as possible . _

  1. Uniqueness

The competition is very big . the image you create will compete with millions of other images . if you do unique , you have the success guaranteed . What do to achieve East target :

– Investigate others images that are related to you niche . Any copy will be counterproductive ;

– try find Some meanings completely new in symbol and color combinations . _ experiment more , surely the amount becomes _ in quality ;

– As an example , you can drink the game application icons . _ _ there is less requirements and more possibilities .

– take the part plus recognizable from you brand What main element .

  1. Brevity is the sister of talent .

renowned social network have all the right to use a brand in its style the letter F for the app icon . _ Dozens of services acquaintances they do too . yes you mark is enough advanced as for the users tea recognize by one or two letters , great . but don’t write the Name complete of the company in the icon . And, in general , avoid words if possible .

Tools like words and pictures is it so in the antipodes . an icon serves to represent graphically a program . pay attention to the details visuals , because :

– right with him icon in any case will be the application name ; _

– two elements at the same time , ie images and letters , will distract the user . This makes it _ very hard choose . It is more likely that the user ignore your app .

If the title is short , this can be one clear advantage . try use it What center element .

  1. Correspondence of the logo with the functionality

The user ‘s interaction with the icon and interface must be the same . a good icon for applications must express the program concept , to create a consistent image of the product , complement the design , idea and functionality .

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