How Does School ERP Enhance Online Learning Experience

How Does School ERP Enhance Online Learning Experience

In today’s time, learners want access to such educational modes available for them 24*7. Going to school and attending lectures regularly is not the only way to learn; schools and educational institutes understand. That is why software like school ERP is being used. The school ERP has several features like fee management software, online learning content and much more, which help them in managing their tasks and school responsibilities. However, the question is how school ERP helps students.

In this article, you would get to know how school ERP helps students and enhances their online learning experience. So read the article till the end to know.

24*7 Access to Information: In traditional learning, the students were able to learn only during school hours and access to resources like the library was limited to that too. However, with the use of ERP students can have 24*7 access to learning resources and other information. They can access them from their smartphone, laptop or any internet-connected devices.

Learn from Teacher-Curated Content: Learning from books and educational videos is beneficial. However, if students learn from the content which is created especially to meet their learning needs, it can make a lot more difference. That is why, nowadays, schools are using LMS along with ERP. Using LMS teachers can create online learning content as per the personalized learning needs of students. And as most of the LMS integrates with ERP, students can have access to this teacher-curated learning resource easily.

Learning Insights: Along with learning, students need to know their actual progress report so that they can do self-evaluation. School ERP helps them in this task, as it has the analytic reports of students’ learning. This report has every academic detail related to students, like attendance reports, log-in and log-out reports of online classes, books issued from the library, courses completed on LMS, test and assignment scores and much more. All these details inform the students how many hours they are dedicating to learning and what progress they made in that time. Highlighting students’ achievements and weak points are the main motives of this so that they can perform better.

Communicate with Teachers: Having regular and honest communication with your teachers and mentors is crucial for every student, and school ERP makes it possible. Using online communication modes like email, chat boxes, and online student-teacher board facilitates communication between students and teachers. Now, students can ask any queries anytime and from anywhere, and teachers can solve them. Such an easy and swift communication channel, helps students get quick feedback and solutions, and they can start working on their improvement.

Online Group-Studies: Students learn better when they learn with their friends, usually it happens only inside the four walls of the classroom. However, school ERP facilitates and allows students to collaborate and learn beyond the classroom. Using the live chat feature and online collaboration tools, students can collaborate with each to create new projects, share resources or discuss topics. These online group-study sessions will enable them to develop a better understanding of concepts.

Automated Attendance System: Maintaining appropriate attendance is also a task for students. Earlier teachers used to do this task manually, however with the help of the attendance management system of the school ERP this task is done automatically. It means whenever students log into online classes or enter school premises, this system automatically records their attendance. This is done with the help of technology like fingerprint and online attendance tracker which keeps a record of details like log-in and log-out and number of leaves.

Setting Personal Learning Goals: When students have access to details like learning reports and learning resources they can set personal learning goals for themselves. These learning goals help them achieve greater knowledge and skills than bookish knowledge. And then students will engage and interact with learning resources not just to pass exams, but acquire lifetime knowledge & skills.

Summing Up

The school ERP brings the students closer to their greater goal, which is not just to learn but to understand the concepts. It makes it easier for students to manage their learning and focus on tasks which matter more.

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