How To Choose The Right Sink For Your Bathroom

How To Choose The Right Sink For Your Bathroom

The variety of sinks offered by manufacturers of sanitary ware simply amazes the imagination. A wide range of colors, materials, shapes, and methods of location in the bathroom, can meet the needs of the most demanding buyer, and at the same time put him in a difficult position when choosing. It is difficult and exciting to buy a sink when supply exceeds demand! Therefore, going shopping, it is necessary, first of all, to decide on the size of the product, so as not to get into trouble, seeing a lot of beautiful sinks, which you want to buy no matter what. After all, the size of bathrooms, especially in small-sized apartments or old houses, is small. And a spacious bathroom requires a sink of the right size.

The first step is to measure your bathroom. It should be measured because you need to make a plan for placing the sink among other plumbing and household appliances and determine its optimal size, allowing you to comfortably sit and move, as well as to clean. Take into account all these important nuances, so as not to feel like an “elephant in the china shop”. At this stage, it will be clear which model to favor. You can use our guide to choose a bathroom, a kitchen sink, or any other sink. Get the tape measure, stop gambling at Bookmaker online, and let’s get started! 

There are several groups of sinks, conditionally divided depending on the dimensions:mini sinks for the bathroom or combined bathroom,  standard in size and configuration sinks, combined, in the form of a double sink, with a common pedestal cabinet, and others, non-standard models with individual design. Then take a tape measure to the furniture store with you, so that on the spot independently clarify the three main parameters that are important when buying a sink in an apartment or house. They do not always coincide with the data specified by the seller. If few people are living in the apartment, then a large sink is not needed. And a small and shallow, if there are children, will contribute to splashing water in the process of use. Then the bathroom will always have an untidy appearance. It is worth noting that the optimal recognized width of the product is 50-65 centimeters.

With the small size of the room, you can choose a corner sink. This style is stylish and convenient, with the possibility of placing a cabinet under it. A dual sink is relevant in the design of spacious bathrooms in large families, where several family members can simultaneously wash in the morning. The height of the sink, unlike other parameters, can be adjusted depending on the interior and the needs of the family, especially when choosing hinged products.

The material from which the product is made is also an important factor in making a purchase decision. Familiar to the average consumer, sanitary earthenware and porcelain sinks, have to compete in the market with designer finds. Today, sinks made of modern and non-traditional materials are popular. These are tempered glass, copper and brass, natural stone, and stainless steel. The listed materials do not limit the flight of design fantasy, diversify the interior and facilitate the care of the sink. They are resistant to chemical attack, durable, and water-resistant.

The standard white color is a thing of the past. You can buy a sink of almost any color and implement the most unrealistic ideas. Unusual shapes of sinks attract beauty and intrigue, but sometimes in practice are not convenient. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be especially careful to make sure of their comfort, specifying the parameters of the product and comparing them with the size of the bathroom.

Using our advice, it is not difficult to buy a sink that will meet your expectations in terms of comfort, durability, and strength, perfectly and harmoniously fitting into the interior of the bathroom. Make the right decision and go ahead and buy your new sink! 

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