How to Increase Website Revenue by Using Push Notifications?

There was once a time when being good at acquiring and keeping customers was enough to elevate you. A few decades ago, it was thought to be a difficult task to bring in new customers and retain them. However, that only lasted until WordPress push notifications started to appear. These push notifications not only kept users interested but also encouraged brand loyalty.  

So, if you are also interested in incorporating these notifications into your sales funnel to boost your website revenue then you must know the ways to do so. That’s why we have come up with this blog that explains some effective ways by which you can easily increase website revenue with push notifications. 

So, let’s start with the basic introduction of what exactly WordPress push notifications are.

What Are WordPress Push Notifications

WordPress push notifications allow you to instantly notify your audience when new content has been added to your website. You can also send predefined messages. This could be browser or phone notifications.

Many people nowadays scan emails instead of reading them. WordPress push notifications can encourage users to return to your website by putting your message in front of them.

WordPress push notifications are brief and fleeting. As a result, only personalized, relevant, and, most importantly, valuable messages to your users will be engaging and effective as a marketing tactic.

5 Ways To Increase Website Revenue By Using Push Notifications

Let’s find out the 5 ways in which push notifications boost website revenue.

Way 1: Create a Personalized Experience To Encourage Loyalty

As per a recent study, personalization increases open rates by 80%. Boring messages do not keep your users for long. Uninstalls churns, and revenue loss results from generic experiences. Most push notifications can be action-specific, enticing users to open your app and complete a transaction. 

Way 2: Send Location-based push notifications to feel them that you care

Sending location-based push notifications is the best way to boost website revenue. These notifications make your messages more relevant. It assists to provide the right message at the right time and the right location. When users are close to a physical store or a targeted area, delivering offer notifications can encourage them to visit the store and use the discount code to make a purchase. 

Way 3: Send short and interactive messages

Another way to maximize the website revenue is to decide the size and content of your messages that will be sent as WordPress push notifications. If you push notification messages too long, users might lose interest halfway through. The risk is increased if the user simply deletes the notification without even reading the message, making all of your efforts futile.

So, consider creating content that is concise, relevant, and interesting. Your goal is to get users to notice, pay attention, and respond positively to your push notification. The message should be written in simple words with the appropriate number of words to compel users to interact. 

Way 4: Providing updates to users 

Users appreciate businesses that keep them up to date on the latest updates. So, they expect you to provide them with pertinent and necessary information. Transactions are one of the most important areas in which they look for updates. Payments received their order details, subscription statuses, and so on. So, providing your users with the latest updates is the best way to keep them in touch with you.

Way 5: Send abandoned cart notifications

Abandoned carts are a curse for retailers worldwide. Push notifications tricks are the best way to complete the transaction. However, there is no need to be overly aggressive. There is always the possibility that your customers selected several products and placed them in their carts, intending to return them at a later date. Send your first reminder in no less than 6 to 12 hours after letting the products in the cart for some time. Before sending the second notification, wait another day. Try luring them back with a discount if they have not returned to their shopping cart by that point.

Way 6: Request user opinions

Sometimes users leave because of issues that are incredibly simple to resolve. Not every user will however be eager to voice a suggestion or a grievance regarding your app or your services and products in general. So, you can ask users for feedback on how to enhance the user experience or the quality of your products using push notification tricks. Users will feel more invested in your brand as a result of your genuine interest in their feedback. Even in the worst case, you will still have some advice on how to improve for other users.

Way 7: FOMO is effective

FOMO means “Fear Of Missing Out.” It refers to social anxiety in which a person fears missing out on the fun that others are having and, as a result, desires to remain constantly connected with the mainstream. Using FOMO in push notifications can significantly increase conversions. Declare limited-time deals and flash sales. Because of their time-sensitive nature and exclusivity, such deals generate instant conversions. Furthermore, other people will sign up for your notifications if they believe your subscribers are getting a better deal.

The trick is to include scarcity, urgency, and a ticking clock in your offer. This will force recipients to make quick decisions that will benefit them. For example, if you announce a 50% off sale until the end of November, it creates FOMO to buy before the offer expires on December 1st.

Final Words

We hope you now understand how WordPress push notifications can help your business to boost website revenue. So, without further ado, begin incorporating push notifications into your sales funnel right away and reap the benefits of this powerful tool. Furthermore, if you want to create push notifications in less time and at a lower cost, WonderPush is the way to go.


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