How to Spot Asbestos Insulation in Your Walls and Attics

Finding out that you have asbestos insulation in your walls can be troubling. Worse, asbestos can injure or even kill.

So how can you know for sure if the insulation in your home has asbestos? What is the first step to knowing how to remove asbestos safely from your home?

Take a look at how to spot asbestos on your walls and what to do next. Read along to learn more!

Understand What Asbestos Looks Like

Generally, it is a gray, soft, and fibrous material. It can be under floor tiles, in popcorn ceilings, around hot water and heating pipes, in attic insulation and sheets, and around electrical wiring and ductwork.

Additionally, you can find asbestos insulation in older paints, adhesives, and roof shingles. You may come across a yellow, tan, or white material, but it is more likely to be a type of attic insulation made of mineral wool. 

Check for Any Visible Damage

Start by examining the surface of the wall or attic for any signs of deterioration, such as tears, cracks, holes, discoloration, and bulges. Be sure to pay attention to any areas where renovations have been done, as this may lead to an increased risk of asbestos exposure. Another way to check for damage is to look for beads of liquid seeping from the walls or ceilings.

This could show an electrical problem but could also indicate deteriorating wall insulation. Finally, look for any suspicious powder or dust that could show crumbling asbestos materials. 

Smell the Air Around the Area of Concern

Asbestos has a distinct odor, often described as musty or burning plastic. If you do notice an odor that resembles asbestos, it’s important to seek out an asbestos testing professional immediately.

It’s also important to limit activity in the area until the professional can come in and do a thorough inspection. If any asbestos fibers are found, proper safety measures need to be taken so that the contaminated area is properly sealed off to ensure that no airborne particles will spread and prepare for asbestos abatement.

Hire Professional

Start by asking for references from friends, family, and colleagues who have also had their property tested. Make sure to ask the company for certifications and licenses, for they are certified and experienced in the asbestos inspection process.

Make sure to ask lots of questions to get a full understanding of the process. Don’t be afraid to get many quotes and opt for the one that suits your budget and offers the best service. With a professional on the job, you will have peace of mind knowing that your property is safe from any asbestos contamination.

Find Asbestos Insulation in Your House Today

If you suspect that asbestos insulation is in your walls or attic, it’s best to call in a professional. Keep in mind that asbestos is hazardous, so handle removed materials with extreme caution. Don’t hesitate to call a qualified asbestos assessor to keep your home safe and healthy.

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