How to Use a Table Runner to Decorate Your Tradeshow Table

How to Use a Table Runner to Decorate Your Tradeshow Table

Attending a marketing event? Great! Marketing events, business conferences, tradeshows, and other similar events offer perfect opportunities to brands to showcase their products and services. However, your brand will be competing with others for attention at these events.

Unless you use the right marketing materials, securing the attention of the event attendees will be very challenging. The most important factor of your brand’s tradeshow setup is the main table or booth you’ll receive at the event. All attendees, guests, and clients will walk past this table to discuss your brand, products, or services so choosing the right trade show tablecloth is very essential.

Setting up this table as well as possible should be the priority of your brand representatives. How to set up the perfect tradeshow booth or table? Don’t worry – with the right table runner, you can easily set up an awesome tradeshow table.

Table Runners at Tradeshow Tables and Booths – A Brief Guide

Tradeshows and business conferences are professional events. Businesses are expected to meet certain etiquettes and standards of professionalism while presenting their brands to event attendees.

A critical part of this process is using well-designed table runners to cover the tables at these events. These etiquette rules date back to 1922. Emily Post wrote a book on etiquette rules in regards to setting up tables. The same etiquettes apply to modern-day business events.

According to these rules, table runners are more casual versions of tablecloths. They attract more attention than cotton tablecloths. So, using them at tradeshows where attracting the audience’s attention is the priority makes total sense.

Here’s how brand representatives should decorate their tradeshow tables with table runners –

Get Custom-Printed Table Runners

Every item on your tradeshow table should feature your brand’s artwork, logo, etc., including the table runners. Custom-print these items with your brand’s artwork. Make sure your brand’s logo appears two to three times on the runner. The color of the runner should complement your brand’s colors.

Focus on High-Quality Printing

Your custom-printed runner is the first thing event attendees will see. They’ll perceive your brand’s quality based on the quality of your table runner. One of the main reasons brands use these tools to decorate their tradeshow tables is that they’re reusable. Runners made of synthetic nylon fabrics last long are washable, and reusable.

However, if the quality of printing isn’t up to the mark, the colors/designs on these runners will fade very quickly. That’s why while ordering these items, brand leaders need to focus on high-quality printing. Only select sellers that use dye sublimation to create their custom-printed table runners.

In this printing technique, the printer ink submerges itself into the nylon fabrics. Hence, the table runners become fade-resistant. Also, make sure that your brand’s custom artwork is printed in high resolution. Or else the logos and graphics on the runners won’t appear crisp.

Creativity is Key

Custom-printing these marketing materials is now easier than ever. Use online designing tools to customize your table runners before you order them. Creating fun, fresh table decorations should be your priority. The more creative your table banner’s design, the more eyes it will attract!

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