Is there a reason why people act crazy during car accidents?

Car accidents are becoming very common due to the increase in people’s negligence. Most people do not bother much about how they drive. This is the reason why the number of accidents is increasing. It is important to wear a seatbelt at all times when a person moves The negligence of not wearing a seatbelt can cause several blunders. A seatbelt can prove to be lifesaving, as it can save from severe injuries. Moreover, one should also control the speed limit they drive. If the speed limit exceeds, it can result in severe accidents.

Moreover, distracted driving and drunk driving are other common causes of car accidents. When a person gets distracted they can’t entirely focus on the car next to them or on the road. Distracted driving can cause severe accidents, so put your phone aside and completely focus on the vehicle. Drunk driving is another typical example of negligence that can result in accidents. Drunk driving can cause severe penalties. When you are not in your fully conscious state, you should not drive. Unconscious driving can be a serious threat to other drivers.

In this article we will discuss some of the most prominent reasons why people act crazy during car accidents:

Fight or Flight Response

“Fight or flight” instinct is a very old and deep-rooted survival mechanism in the body’s physiological apparatus. In case of a car accident, a person’s body automatically activates the fight-or-flight mode. This reaction results from a feeling of danger, specifically the shocking impact of this scenario.

The body secretes a spurt of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol during the course of fight or flight response. The endocrine system secretes these hormones to prepare the body to act fast in the presence of the threat, whether through fighting back (i.e., taking immediate actions to reduce the impact like avoiding being run over) or flying high. This physiological reaction may prompt car accident victims with a quickening of heart rate, elevated consciousness, and rush surge. These physical changes may affect normal cognition, thus impeding sound reasoning. During such moments individuals do not think logically and act normally.

This may result in irrational acts like running away, trying to lift heavy things to save the victims and the rest of the people there, or even making hasty decisions without proper consideration. It is crucial to understand that such actions stem from uncontrolled survival instincts, which do not require any thinking on the part of a person.

Shock and Disorientation

Immediately after the car accident, people can react with a feeling of shock. Shock functions as a defense mechanism of the human body against too many feelings and impulses. It usually presents itself as a short-term feeling of numbness, discomposure, dizziness.

Emotional Overload

Car crashes evoke numerous powerful feelings such as fear, fury, anxiety, and shock. Such emotions are strong enough that people may not have the ability to control what they do or say in a moment.

When emotion peaks people can do strange actions according to this irrational impulse. For instance, they might shout, weep or even beat up somebody. Sometimes, it might lead people to do stupid things out of anger like running away immediately from the scene without properly evaluating the facts of the accident or confronting others.

These emotive responses are so intense that they override any rational thought, resulting in actions that appear bizarre or random to onlookers. However, these emotional reactions are normal mechanisms for processing trauma and should not be construed as irrational acts per se.

However, in due course emotional help and self-control measures such as breathing deeply may restore sanity which enables calm and rational reaction to the event. After getting back to normal, it is important to seek help from a legal attorney who can help in this regard. A legal attorney will help to gather evidence to investigate the accident.

Survivor’s Guilt

Survivalists’ guilt is one of the more complicated post-traumatic phenomena that people who survive an auto-accident may feel and can include feelings such as remorse over staying with only superficial harm while many people were seriously wounded or died. It is because of this guilt that can result in very emotional disturbance, strange ideas and acts that seem to be crazy.

Those with a feeling of survivor’s guilt may ask themselves why they survived instead of their friends. They could blame themselves and think they should have acted to avoid it. It is also not difficult to understand how people might feel guilty and blame themselves for their own emotions which drive them into irrational acts sometimes.

For example, one could suffer from survivor’s guilt and assume unnecessary risks. This can cause somebody to endanger his life by seeking unnecessary risks in order to make atonement because they feel responsible for the misfortune that has befallen the victims. This might prove difficult as they have to balance their personal security and that of others.


In conclusion, we can say that there are different emotional reactions depending on the intensity of the accident. In such situations, one must not handle their legal lawsuit on their own. They must hand over their legal lawsuit to a legal attorney. Mokaram law firm is considered one of the best, as they have lawyers who have years of experience. For free consultation, you must get in contact

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