Malta: Obtain an EU Passport By Investment!

Malta: Obtain an EU Passport By Investment!

Malta is the only country that has an official citizenship-by-investment program resulting in an EU passport. However, you will have to comply with a number of conditions (including establishing close ties with the country, which means, among other things, living in Malta for at least one year after acquiring a residence permit). What is more, the amount you will need to invest is considerable and it exceeds one million euros.

As you see, Malta is not a choice for everyone, and Caribbean or Vanuatu citizenship will be a faster and more affordable choice. However, if you need an EU passport and you are ready to spend enough time, effort, and money on the Maltese opportunity, you will finally get what you want. Interested in other opportunities as well? Welcome to International Wealth where you can read useful information on citizenship by investment, relocation, asset protection, and many other things.

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Maltese Program: Facts

The Maltese Passport

Passports are divided into strong and weak ones, and the Maltese passport is one of the strongest ones as it gives access to more than 160 countries without a visa, including such countries as the US, the UK, and all the European countries.

Passing the Citizenship to Descendants

If you become a Maltese citizen, your close family members can acquire a Maltese passport as well. Children born in a family of Maltese citizens automatically acquire the country’s citizenship. If you want to give the gift of an EU passport to your children, take the Maltese opportunity!

Social Stability

A passport of Malta will make you eligible for the benefits of the European social security system, and you will get access to top schools, well-reputed universities, and the best medical institutions.

Quick European Citizenship

Caribbean citizenship can be obtained more quickly, but there is no European opportunity that allows for the same speed. Citizenship by naturalization traditionally takes 5 to 10 years in any country (and there is a possibility to do so using Serbia or Portugal as starting points – you can find out more from our experts if you are interested). However, you will have to wait for your Maltese passport for just one year, which is a relatively short period.

Maltese Program: Requirements

Let’s start with the basics: you need to be at least 19 to apply for the Maltese program, and you should have enough money to invest in two different kinds of assets. If you get a local passport, your spouse, children under 25, and parents over 55 will also be eligible for citizenship.

Let’s look at other specific requirements.

“Fit and Proper”

This is a test each prospective citizen should pass, and its only goal is to make sure you are not going to be any kind of threat to Malta or the EU if you acquire Maltese citizenship.

A clean criminal record is a must, of course. However, that is not all: the country’s authorities will need to ascertain that you are a law-abiding citizen, so they will use all available methods to do that (including the databases of the International Criminal Court and Interpol).

The second thing that the local immigration authorities will find out about you is whether the sources of your income are lawful – and they will check everything, not just the money you are going to invest in the program. You will have to answer numerous questions and provide a package of confirmation documents. This does scare off some investors, but the most persistent ones understand that this is a procedure you have to go through just once to get the desired result.

Good Health

A medical certificate for you and any dependents is usually sufficient to fulfill this requirement, and it should confirm that you have no infectious diseases. If you have any chronic diseases, it usually does not constitute a problem – however, it is always better to consult an immigration agent.

Close Ties with the Country

This requirement usually means that you have to live in Malta for one year after receiving a residence permit, after which you can obtain a Maltese passport.

This is the stage where you will have to think hard about the implications:

  • You will become an EU tax resident and will have to pay applicable taxes, which may produce a certain effect on your business
  • Your freedom of movement will be somewhat limited as you will not be able to stay outside Malta for long during this period

On the other hand, remember that this is just one year! And it’s only up to you to decide whether passing EU citizenship to your children is worth this effort.

Donation to the State Fund

You will have to make a non-refundable donation to the Maltese National Development and Social Fund:

  • 590,000 euros if you agree to live in the country for three years after receiving a residence permit while waiting for your passport.
  • 740,000 euros if you want to reduce this period to one year.

You will also have to pay an additional amount of 50,000 euros per dependent.

Rent/Purchase of Maltese Real Estate

One option is to purchase a property in Malta that costs at least 700,000 euros. You will be able to resell it in five years if you want to. The real estate prices in Malta are quite stable with a tendency to increase, so you will not lose anything.

Another option is to conclude a rent contract for 5 years at a price of at least 16,000 euros per year. This is a smaller investment, but it is non-refundable. In addition, you will have to donate 10,000 euros to an official Maltese charity organization.

Interested in acquiring a Maltese passport? Please follow the above link and discover more on our portal – or get in touch with our expert straight away!

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