Planar Ally 5e (5th Edition) in D&D

Planar Ally 5e (5th Edition) in D&D

You ask for assistance from an otherworldly being. You need to recognize the being: a god, a primordial. A demon prince, or another power of the cosmos. You are resourced by a celestial, an elemental, or a fiend loyal to that entity, . Which appears in an area unoccupied within your range. Despite the fact that you would probably get a unique creature anyway.  If you know a unique creature’s name, you can mention that name when creating this spell to request that creature.

Planar Ally 5e

There is no reason for the creature to behave in a unique manner when it appears. It is not required to serve as a carrier, but you can ask it to do so in exchange for payment. Projects should range from easy (fly us across the chasm, or help us fight a battle) to difficult (surveillance of enemies, or defending us during our foray into the dungeon). The creature must be able to speak with you before you can hire it.

  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Maximum range: 60 feet
  • System components: V S
  • Time: Instant
  • Type: Cleric

Payments come in a variety of forms. A celestial may request a large donation of gold or magic objects to an allied temple, whereas a fiend might demand a dwelling sacrifice or a gift of treasure. A quest taken on by you might change a creature’s carrier.

When the creature completes its task, or when the agreed-upon period of provider expires, the creature will return to its domestic aircraft after reporting again to you, if beautiful to the venture and if possible, after completing its task. The creature, if you are unable to agree on a fee, will immediately return to the creature’s domestic plane if the fee cannot be agreed upon.


In spite of the fact that the creature would like to behave in a unique manner when it appears, it is not bound by any rules. You can ask the creature to function as a carrier in exchange for payment.  However, it is not obligated to accept that task. You may be asked to do something as simple as flying us across the chasm; or to assist us in combating an enemy; or you may be asked to do something more complex such as spying on our enemies, or defending us while we are exploring the dungeons. To purchase the creature’s services, you must be able to communicate with it.


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