Singapore -A Tourist’s Delight

Singapore is a wonder waiting to be explored by its visiting excursionists. There is no dearth of Things to do in Singapore this weekend. If botany was your favourite in school Garden by the bay and the Botanical Gardens are the quintessential places to visit and give a push to your IQ levels. Visit a one-of-a-kind Night Safari where you enjoy a forty-minute guided tour of the park as you listen to live narration of the six different trails. The magic of Singapore starts to allure its guests as soon as they land and enter the Singapore airport with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at Changi Airport as the Rain Vortex cascades from a height of forty metres which is surrounded by a indoor garden. Along the historical monuments, there are various enclaves to explore like Little India and the Orchard road. Have fun at Universal Studios which is a Hollywood-based amusement park. Outdoor activities in Singapore include ride of the Singapore Flyer which is an observation wheel where you get a panoramic view of the city with high tea. Take the Sentosa Cable Car ride to Sentosa Island where all the fun lies as you enjoy hopping from one amusement park to another. Splash in water at the Hydrodash which is Singapore’s first floating aqua park.

Garden by the Bay

The amazing Garden by the Bay is among the best Things to do in Singapore this weekend. This is a nature park which covers an area of two hundred and fifty acres at the centre of Singapore which has the Marina Reservoir as its neighbour. The park is divided into three waterfront gardens namely the Bay South Garden, Bay East and the Bay Central Garden. The main attraction of the Bay South Garden is the Flower Dome with its constantly changing flower displays including Tulipmania, Orchid Extragavanz and Blossom Beats. Bay Central Gardens is a three-kilometre-long waterfront that connects the Bay South with the Bay East Gardens. The Cloud Forest is a mist-filled landscape with a thirty-five-metre-tall structure covered in mist and vegetation. Gaze at the vertical gardens of Supertree Grove where you get a dream-like feeling as the grove lights up at dusk for the Garden Rhapsody which is a light and sound show.

Universal Studios

Among the many Outdoor activities in Singapore a must-visit is the Holywood-themed amusement park Universal Studios. It is Southeast Asia’s first and only amusement park with six different themed zones. Enjoy the Transformers The Ride is the  Ultimate 3D Battle where the riders get to join forces with Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Ride the Battlestar Galactica where you chose between good and evil on the tallest duelling roller coasters. Pick your side whether you want to be Human or Cylon. Test your limit of stamina and balance as you go ride the Accelerator as the force generated turns the pod in unexpected directions as you save yourself from the enemy’s lasers. Fly high over Jurassic Park and look for your prey on the ground below as you ride the Canopy Flyer. Dino Soarin is a kid’s ride where you fly high on the back of Pteranodons. Have a gala time as you climb over the miniature Ferris wheel the Magic Potion Spin.

S.E.A. Aquarium 

Visiting the S.E.A. Aquarium is the next best option on the checklist of Things to do in Singapore this weekend. Located in the Marine Life Park S.E.A.Aquarium is the largest oceanarium of the world. The aquarium has ten different zones with forty-nine habitats. The aquarium is home to around 100,000 marine life with eighty threatened species like the manta ray, the Napolean wrasse and different kinds of corals which showcases the aquatic habitat. The Shipwrecked zone depicts how shipwrecks transform into artificial reefs and become home to tiny sea creatures like the zebra shark. Make acquaintance with twelve different species of sharks at the Apex Predators of the Sea which is also the habitat of the endangered scalloped hammerhead shark. S.E.A. Aquarium has the largest viewing panel which is thirty-six metres wide and eight meters tall giving the visitors the feeling of standing on the ocean floor.

Singapore Flyer

Try this Outdoor activity Singapore. Hop on the giant observation wheel which stands tall at an astounding height of 165 metres above the ground as you enjoy the alluring skyline of Singapore. One rotation of the wheel as you sit comfortably in a Time Capsule takes around thirty minutes as you get the bird’s eye view of the city’s glorious past, hip and happening present and glowing future all because of the beautifully designed facades. These twenty-eight-time capsules are air-cooled and can have the capacity to accommodate twenty-eight passengers and encompasses a three-story building. Elevate the level of fun and excitement as you enjoy a one-of-a-kind mid-air dining experience with a four-course meal along as you sip some champagne. After reaching the skies it’s time for a touchdown where you get to enjoy a nice layout of Cantonese dishes and also authentic Indian foods. Pre-book the Singapore Sling Flight while sipping on your favourite cocktail and enjoy glancing at the view of the city.

Singapore Zoo

Snick this best Things to do in Singapore this weekend from your itinerary as you visit the Singapore Zoo. Singapore Zoo is situated on the northwestern side of the island and is a haven for animal lovers. The zoo covers an area of twenty-eight hectares or sixty-nine acres. There are around two thousand eight hundred animals and is home to white tigers, crocodiles and also the Malayan tapirs. The zoo is divided into eleven zones which conceptualize open enclosures which have a striking resemblance to the natural habitat of the animals. The Australian exhibit has its own charm with its kangaroos and wallabies. Meet the lovable sloths and lemurs of the Fragile Forest as lions and zebras wait for your visit to the Wild Africa zone. Take a behind the scene tour with the Discoverer Tour where you get the chance to enjoy feeding sessions of animals. 


Experience one of the many thrills with this Outdoor activities Singapore. Singapore is known for its skyrocketing buildings, amusement parks and botanical gardens but this is a rare gem in which thrill-seekers must partake. There are eight great snorkelling spots at Keppel Island. Take a dive to discover the creatures of the calm waters of Singapore with a crew of professionally trained divers who guide you to secret dive sites. Pulau Hantu is located in the south of Singapore and is formed by two islands called Hantu Besar ( big ghost ) and Hantu Kecil ( small ghost ) where you can easily spot sea turtles, whales and sharks. Rainbow reef snorkelling in Sentosa at the Adventure Cove Waterpark as you snorkel with some twenty thousand species of fish. Kusu Island is a less crowded island and it just takes forty-five minutes to reach this mystical island where you might encounter shrimps, crabs and fish. Home of Blacktip sharks and parrot fishes and a variety of marine life Pulau Jong is a small island making it an ideal spot for snorkelling.

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