The Power of Habit – By Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit – By Charles Duhigg

A New York reporter named Charles Duhigg wrote the book The Power of Habit. Random House published the book in 2012 and it has been a New York Times Best Selling book since then.  Habits and reformation are discussed in the book from a scientific perspective.

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Details and review of “The Power of Habit”:

The Power of Habit PDF describes three components of the habit loop, which are: cue, routine, and reward. These components are discussed in The Power of Habit PDF. You can view how habits develop if you follow this loop. In the beginning, there is a stimulus or cue that signals the brain to act in a certain way. Once this has been established, a routine is formed, as your brain responds to a certain stimulus in a set way. Last but not least, the reward is when your brain gets to decide if this habit is worth remembering. Generally, the Golden Rule is to adopt the habits and loops that will help you remove any addictions to bad habits and turn them into good ones. Faith is one of the most important elements of making changes.

Book Name: The Power of Habit Epub

Author: Charles Duhigg

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks

Pages: 371

Genre: Business, Motivational

There is actually a very sensible way in which Duhigg approaches the subject of habits. His explanations are very clear and concise. However, I think what he does best is provide examples to support the points he makes. He mentions Bill Wilson as an example of this. A guy who had been an alcoholic before he met Jesus and founded Alcoholics Anonymous was an alcoholic before he discovered Jesus. He succeeded in getting rid of his addiction after changing his habits by following a Golden Rule. He also helped hundreds of other people to get rid of their addictions as a result of this. It is not only possible for you to benefit from following the rules in this book,.  But you will also be able to induce good habits in others.

About Author (Charles Duhigg):

An American journalist and non-fiction author, Charles Duhigg was born in 1974. His books, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business and , on habits and productivity were published by The New Yorker Magazine and The New York Times. A series of 10 articles Duhigg wrote in 2013 on Apple’s business practices and those of other technology companies won him the award.  

Early life and education

Originally from New Mexico, Charles Duhigg was born in 1974. Harvard Business School awarded him a Master of Business Administration after graduating from Yale University.


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