6 Tips To Choose The Best Phone Accessories

Today, a smartphone has replaced a number of devices (like the quintessential watch, calculator, camera and so on). While this is true, it has also added its fair share of new devices that we now need along with the smartphone. These are commonly referred to as phone accessories. 

When was the last time you saw a smartphone without a screen protector or back cover? Have you not gotten used to those bluetooth earphones? An honest answer to these questions will reveal our dependence on these phone accessories. There should be no shame too. If these accessories make our smartphone experience richer, what exactly is the problem with such dependence?

In this post, we will discuss 6 tips that will help you choose the best phone accessories. 

  • Fix a budget – The smartphone accessories market is huge. You will find products at all price ranges from the cheapest to the most expensive. If you go about buying any phone accessory (be it online or offline) without a budget in your mind, you are definitely going to be overspending purely because of the sheer number of choices available out there. 

Unless you are a business which is looking for bulk phone accessories, it makes sense to fix a budget. This can be done easily by either asking a few friends or doing a simple web search. Once you have a budget in mind, you will not go hugely astray by getting attracted to those Instagram ads. 

  • Focus on quality – On the one hand, setting a monetary limit on your purchases is necessary. On the other, compromising on quality is never a good idea. Even the smallest of accessories like your camera lens protector needs to be of decent quality so as to not impact the product features. 

Often, in our aversion to branded products, we go for unbranded or semi-branded products wherein quality is not the most distinguishing factor and we end up feeling shortchanged. A razor sharp focus on quality will never fail you as a consumer and with high-quality audio and video you will be able to enjoy your favorite movie seamlessly. 

  • Functionality is key – The fact that this needs to be reinforced is reflective of the superficialness of our society. Social media makes you crave all these beautiful gadgets and their accompanying accessories (which are more expensive than the gadgets themselves in some cases). But the real question that you must ask yourself before any impulsive buying is this – will the accessory serve any purpose or does it just look too irresistible?

For instance, if you are considering a good pair of bluetooth earphones, it is a 100% fair and reasonable accessory to buy. However, if you are hell bent on purchasing ear pods because they look awesome even when you know that you are always on the move and losing them will be very easy for you, then functionality is clearly not on the top of your mind.   

  1. Ensure Compatibility – At a point in your purchase decision, you will land up on a few products or few categories of products that you think you need or want. Before going ahead and finalizing one, you should do this. Check out the detailed specifications of all these phone accessories and see whether they are compatible with your central device – the phone.
  2. Do check Shipping and Returns – The cost of shipping should never be ignored if you are making an online purchase. Due to a variety of factors, shipping lines across the oceans may be entangled and that might make you a scapegoat in the whole process. The shipping cost must not exceed the cost of the product. 

Certain phone accessories (especially those that are electronic products in their own rights like earpods) are super expensive and thus need to have a favorable return policy. 

  • Feedback needs to be considered – If you are fairly certain about any particular smartphone accessory, then you must go ahead and check out detailed user experience videos or feedback shared on YouTube and also reviews on Amazon and their descriptions and pricing on shopping websites like dhgate wholesale.

    You may have decided on a recommendation by a friend or a salesperson. What is important before spending your hard earned money is to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Many times, watching unboxing videos tones down a lot of unrealistic expectations that we may have. 

Phone accessories are going nowhere and they should not be. They are extremely useful and increase the effectiveness of a smartphone. One just needs to keep the above tips in mind while choosing. 

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