Types of Air Conditioners: What You Need to Know

Are you considering purchasing an air conditioner to keep cool at home this summer? There are many air conditioners, from window units to portable, stand-alone coolers. 

You don’t have to suffer through high temperatures in your home with no relief. Using a combination of heat-transferring technologies, an air conditioner can help get your home chilled to the perfect temperature in a snap.

Knowing what kinds of air conditioners are out there and what they can do is the key to selecting the best system for your home.

Keep reading to learn the types of air conditioners you can choose for your home.

Split System AC

Split systems are one of the most popular types of AC used in homes. Split systems include two units: an indoor unit mounted on the wall and an outdoor unit typically installed outside.

The two components are connected via complex electrical connections and refrigerant lines. Split system air conditioners are energy efficient and reduce energy usage costs. This type of air conditioner is quiet and is perfect in virtually any room.

Packaged Air Conditioners

They are sometimes called all-in-one air conditioners due to the single-unit design, eliminating the need for additional wiring between the two components. The evaporator is the outside air heat exchanger responsible for cooling the air inside your home.

The blower or fan then circulates the cooled air throughout the house. Packaged air conditioners are perfect for residential or commercial applications to provide cooling for a single room or an entire building. 

Mini Split System AC

Mini Split System AC is a type of air conditioner that is an excellent choice for homes. It is a ductless system installed directly into the wall of the desired area.

This type of air conditioner is ideal for people who want a lighter and smoother air conditioning system on the exterior of their home. Mini Split System AC can provide cooling and heating depending on the individual unit.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning units use a single unit to cool an entire building using a system of aerated ducts. The main advantage of central air conditioning is that it’s energy efficient and can reduce your humidity levels and cool the air.

The main disadvantage is that it requires extensive installation and is a year-round system. Central air typically requires the services of a licensed HVAC technician to install, which can add to the purchase cost.

Window Unit AC

Window unit air conditioners are a great solution to cool a single room more cost-effectively than standard central AC units. These units are affixed to the window and work to draw out hot air from inside and draw in cooler air from outside. You can visit airconditioningperth.com.au for the best units for great prices today.

They can come with various features, such as adjustable temperature settings, fan modes, energy efficiency, and timer operations. Window air conditioners also require less maintenance and are cheaper than other models. Ask a professional for an HVAC guide to install this in your home properly.

Discover the Different Types of Air Conditioners

Choosing the right air conditioners is a great way to ensure you are comfortable in your home, regardless of season or climate. From portable to window units, an air-conditioner fits your needs. 

If you want to upgrade your home’s comfort, look no further than an air conditioner. Shop around and find out what works best for you and your home. Make sure to save money and stay cool this summer!

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