What makes Gurney’s Automotive the right choice for you?

Gurney’s Automotive Repair provides high-quality auto repairs and maintenance to its customers in Nashua and Milford, NH. With ASE-certified technicians and advisors, we optimize the durability and dependability of your vehicle. No matter what technology, tools, or training we use, honesty and integrity have been at the heart of everything we do since 1985. We are committed to treating you with respect and courtesy based on our Core Values and Rules of the Road.

Since when did you last change your oil? Does NH require a state inspection? Do you need service or tires? Are you in need of a full-scale engine repair or an electrical repair? What services are available for fleets? If you need auto repair services in Nashua or Milford NH+, we’ve got you covered. The latest models have increasingly complex electronics, sensors, and computers, so our technicians undergo ongoing training. We also diagnose problems quickly, saving you time, energy, and money with our industry-leading 2-year/24,000-mile warranty.

In addition to providing detailed attention to your vehicle, our service advisors work with you to develop customized solutions. Additionally, we offer complimentary shuttle service, low-cost loaner cars, and a clean, comfortable waiting area.

Why should you choose Gurney’s Automotive?

There is no doubt that your car represents a substantial investment. We promise to maximize the dependability and safety of your vehicle with Gurney’s Automotive.

Gurney’s Automotive: Why should you choose us?

The amount of money you have invested in your car is significant. Gurney’s Automotive’s team is dedicated to protecting your investment by maximizing safety and dependability.

When it comes to automotive repair, there are many options to choose from. The experience, judgment, and technical skills we possess are essential to earning your trust. The work we do is backed by over a decade of experience and we are committed to providing the best service. We offer a 2 year warranty on all repairs as a reflection of our commitment to quality. You can be confident in the performance of your vehicle because we are confident in our workmanship.

As well as providing knowledgeable, courteous service, our ASE-certified technicians and service advisors are ready, willing, and able to listen to your specific needs. We only hire highly qualified, highly skilled technicians to work on your automobile. Through certification and continuing education, our technicians remain up-to-date on diagnostic protocols and procedures. Using the latest technology and scan tools, we perform accurate diagnostics and repairs on your vehicle.

We provide a variety of services

You can keep your vehicle running like new with our maintenance options. We help you save money by performing preventive maintenance. It’s easy and affordable to maintain your vehicle when you work with us.

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