What to Expect When Refinishing Hardwood Floors

If you’re looking to give your home a facelift, refinishing your hardwood floors is a great place to start. Refinishing hardwood floors can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your home.

But, it’s not an easy task to do it yourself. That’s why it’s important to hire professionals to refinish your hardwood floors. In this article, we’ll cover what to expect when you hire professionals to refinish hardwood floors.

What is Refinishing Hardwood Floor?

Refinishing hardwood floors is the process of sanding, staining, and sealing the surface of the hardwood floor to give it a new look. Over time, hardwood floors can become scratched, dented, and discolored, which can make them look dull and worn.

Refinishing the hardwood floors will help to restore the natural beauty of the wood, and make your home look brand new.

What to Expect When You Hire Professionals to Refinish Hardwood Floors?

When you hire professionals to refinish your hardwood floors, there are a few things that you can expect. Below are what you can look forward to happening in case you plan on doing this.


The first step in refinishing hardwood floors is to inspect them well. A professional will examine the floors to determine the extent of the damage. Based on their assessment, they will decide if they need to be replaced, or if they are candidates for refinishing.

They will also check for any type of structural damage found in the flooring. If they find any, they will also check for severity and how it affects the process they are about to do.


Once the inspection is complete, the professionals will now start preparing the area for refinishing. They start out the preparation process by first removing all furniture and rugs from the room.

Next, they will make sure that all vents and openings such as windows are covered properly. This is done in order to prevent dust and debris from entering other parts of your home during the refinishing process.


The next step is sanding the hardwood floors. The professionals will use a sanding machine to remove the old finish of the hardwood floor. This process also removes any potential imperfections on the surface of the hardwood floors.

This process can be quite noisy when being done. So, during this part, it is best that you are well prepared for some loud noise inside your home.


After sanding the hardwood floors, the professionals will apply certain stains to the wood. This is an important step because it will determine the final color of the hardwood floors.

They will usually apply the stain in many different coats. This continues until the desired color for the hardwood flooring is finally achieved.


Once the stain has dried, the professionals will then start to seal the hardwood floors. This is done in order to protect the wood from moisture and dirt. And, aside from this, it is also done to give the flooring either a glossy or matte finish.

The sealer applied by these hired professionals will also help to extend the life of your hardwood floors. This can help ensure that your hardwood floors stay nice and looking brand new for a long time despite the possible foot traffic.


After the refinishing process is complete, the professionals will clean up the area. They will remove all the equipment and debris from your home, and return any furniture that was removed.

In case their clean up process is not enough for you, you can also choose to hire professional Hardwood floor cleaning services. These services can help ensure your hardwood flooring is as clean as possible.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Now, you already know what to expect when you hire professionals to refinish your hardwood floors. But, why even consider hiring in the first place if you can always do it yourself? Allow us to discuss the benefits of leaving your hardwood flooring in professional and more experienced hands.

Quality Work

When you hire professionals to refinish your hardwood floors, you can be sure that you’re getting quality work. They have the experience and equipment necessary to do the job right.

This experience comes from many other clients and projects who asked them to do the same things. This means that your floors will look great and last longer than if you had done it yourself.

Saves Time

Refinishing hardwood floors is a time-consuming process. This is especially true if you’ve never done it before. You would look for ways to do it right, and you might even go back and forth with either a manual or instructional video.

Hiring professional refinishing hard floor services to do the job will save you a lot of time. This means that you can spend more time doing things that you enjoy instead of stressing over the process.


While it may seem like refinishing hardwood floors yourself would be cheaper, it can actually end up costing you more in the long run. If you make a mistake during the refinishing process, you may have to start over.

And, there is a big chance that you will make a mistake if you are doing this for the first time. These kinds of mistakes can be costly, and might end up costing more in total compared to the bill that professionals charge you for the same service.

Hiring professionals to do the job right the first time can save you money in the long run because they already know what they are doing.

The Process of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors can be a great way to give your home a new and updated look. But, it’s important to hire professionals to do the job right.

When you hire professionals to refinish your hardwood floors, you can expect a thorough inspection, meticulous preparation, sanding, staining, sealing, and clean-up. Hiring professionals to refinish your hardwood floors can save you time and money.

This can ensure that it is done right and well, without costly mistakes. Refinishing hardwood floors can be a great investment in your home. So, be sure to reach out to professionals to get the job done right.

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