White Tea Shot Recipe

White Tea Shot Recipe

A white tea shot is a refreshing and healthy drink. It is the perfect choice when you have a sore throat or feel like a digestive aid. The ingredients used to make a white tea shot are water, honey, and lemon juice. The honey acts as a sweetener while the lemon juice gives it a zippy taste. It is good for your health and can even help to prevent kidney stones. Lemon juice also helps to reduce blood sugar levels, and may even help fight cancer.

Simple syrup

Preparing a White Tea Shot is easy. You can follow the recipe step-by-step, and the amount of time it takes will depend on the amount of tea you use. The basic ingredients for this drink are simple, but you will need several equipments. This drink is very versatile, and you can customize it to make it unique for your friends. To make it more special, you can add a few extra ingredients and create a different flavor to each shot.

The most important ingredient in a White Tea Shot is simple syrup. This can be purchased at a grocery store or made at home using equal parts sugar and water. If you make your own, make sure you chill the syrup before using it. Once you’ve added the simple syrup, add the rest of the ingredients to a shot glass. Add ice to chill the drink. Alternatively, you can serve the drink straight up without ice.


Gin white tea shot recipe is a refreshing and healthy cocktail that is easy to make. It combines gin, Cointreau, Triple Sec, and fresh lemon juice to create a refreshing drink. The gin-based cocktail is also known as the White Lady and can be drunk on its own or mixed with other liquors.

To make this cocktail, you need gin, white tea extract, and citrus juice. You can buy this from a grocery store or make it yourself. To make the syrup, combine equal parts of sugar and water. Heat it until the sugar dissolves and then cool it completely. When you’re ready to serve the cocktail, you’ll need ice. This will chill the ingredients as you mix them together. When the drink is strained, you can remove the ice.

Oolong tea

This iced drink is made with a special oolong tea that comes from the Wen Shan mountain range. Its flavor is smooth, floral, and sweet with a creamy mouthfeel. The tea is naturally sweet, but you can add honey to make it sweeter if desired.

Prepare the oolong tea syrup by boiling 100ml of water and stirring in 2g of tea leaves. Let steep for about 10 minutes. Once cooled, refrigerate the syrup. Next, add two lime wedges to a tall glass. Muddle the wedges so the lime juice can seep out.


Ginger white tea shot recipe can be prepared with a variety of flavors. The drink can be served hot or chilled. It keeps well in the refrigerator and can be enjoyed up to two days. The drink can also be enhanced with fresh herbs like lemongrass and ginger. The recipe also makes use of honey for extra flavor.

This drink has many health benefits. It can help with weight loss, alleviate nausea, and reduce blood sugar. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory and can improve heart health. The drink also has a peppery flavor. Mint adds a pleasant taste and relieves headaches and nausea.

White rum

A White tea shot recipe is a variation on the popular Green Tea Shot. The original Green Tea Shot was created with whiskey and is named after the color of the drink. A White Tea Shot recipe has no such restrictions. In this drink, you can substitute the whiskey with white rum, simple syrup, or sprite. It is a lighter, less bitter version of the original.

White tea is a drink that contains caffeine, and a shot of it is a great way to get a dose of the stimulant without the unpleasant side effects. It also has a smooth, peachy flavor, and the total time to make it is just under 5 minutes. You can serve it as a shot, or use it as a cocktail.


This Tequila white tea shot recipe uses two different types of alcohol to create a refreshing drink. It combines the peach flavor of peach schnapps with the lime flavor of lemon lime soda. This drink is not overly sweet and is perfect for nighttime cocktail parties. The ingredients for this drink are simple, but it takes a little time to prepare. To make a White Tea Shot, you will need some basic bartending equipment, including a pan, coffee maker, and glass.

The White Tea Shot recipe is slightly different than the Green Tea Shot recipe. Instead of using tequila, you will need one ounce (30 ml) of plain vodka. It is important to use an unflavored vodka because it will allow the flavors of other ingredients to shine through. Peach schnapps adds a sweet taste and balances out the alcohol flavor.

Ginger ale

Ginger ale is a popular mixer in a variety of drinks. Its flavor is sweet, spicy, and refreshing. However, you can also make a drink out of ginger ale and vodka. This cocktail is easy to make and refreshing. There are only a few ingredients, but the result is a delicious, fun drink.

Ginger ale was invented in the 1850s and has been used in cocktails for centuries. These drinks are often made as highballs with more non-alcoholic mixer than alcohol.

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