Who is Tooka? Chicago gang member death –

Who is Tooka? Chicago gang member death –

He was known as Gangster Disciples (GD) and was an affiliate gangster in Chicago.

A brief introduction to Tooka:

We can say that tooka was his gang or street crime name, while took is his street name. Although his real name is Shondale Gregory, he is better known by his street name everywhere and on social media. Tooka, however, was a black boy aged 15 and from Chicago.

He was also known as Gangster Disciples (GD), a well-known gangster from Chicago.

Eddrick Walker, aka Ty, is also a 17-year-old boy who was shot and targeted, and his death is believed to be in revenge for that of another gang member, who also lost his life.

It was thought he was killed by GD members of the Chicago gangs and he was an important member of the Black Disciples (BD).

The death of Tooka and retribution: what about it?

To retaliate for Tooka’s death, the GD killed another member of the BD gang, Odee Perry, who was around 20-years-old.

Gakirah Barnes is one of his closest friends according to the famous Daily Mail website.

Additionally, he may have been responsible for the murders of young gangsters. According to the mail, she was “one of the most notorious female gang members in U.S. history.”

Suddenly, Barnes, who was 17 years old at the time, was murdered in 2014.

In retaliation for Odee Perry’s killing, she intended to punish him.

The following happened on 12 January 2012:

A fast car pulled up in front of him as he waited for a bus in 2012. A passenger got out of the car and went to a nearby hospital. At the same time, he was in a very critical condition and exchanging words with the teen before shooting him multiple times. At the scene, the doctors declared him dead.

What is the main reason King Von hates Tooka?

From Chicago’s south side, King Von is a popular and well-known rapper. Among his gang members, he is known as Odee Perry.

Von is the grandson of David Barksdale, known as King Dave, the founder of BD.

Tooka the smoking:

Known as the rivalry between Chicago gangs, according to the part of famous gangs.

In songs and on social media, the members of the group and gang taunt each other, and King Von often refers to “smoking tooka”.

The Urban Dictionary:

Despite the definition of “smoking tooka” in Urban Dictionary, this is not a term used to describe a full potent of marijuana.

The Black Disciples (BD) were Chief Keef’s crew, and they murdered (smoked) him.

Then, ‘smoking tooka’ is used to humiliate Shon Dale’s death on all media platforms.”

Despite the fact that he became very famous after he died, he was humiliating in each of his songs.

“Tooka in my lung” is King Von’s rap line, and he says that every time because he got smoked and smoked.

His songs are about getting smoked.

It is for this reason that King Von sees Tooka as the best target for insults. And after his death, he is now back in the news, causing the online community to speculate about him and why he hates him so much?

Eight years after his death:

Although he died eight years ago, he remains a part of every trending social media platform even today.

At 1:29 in a video on Instagram, a user is seen saying bad things about him and relying on him. In reply, he says, “I took your life.”. The video was originally posted on Instagram, and over 8,000 people viewed it on the Instagram live feed. A large number of social media platforms are now trending the name of the teen. His name has been trending for over eight years now.

The final words:

Tooka was a 15-years old boy and he murdered by a gang in Chicago. And he was also a member of a criminal gang. He becomes so much famous due to her criminal gang and also his demise.


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