3 Ways to Optimize Your Brand’s Custom Outdoor Flags in 2022

3 Ways to Optimize Your Brand’s Custom Outdoor Flags in 2022

The COVID19 pandemic had a terrible impact on small businesses. Many of these businesses had to cut their marketing budgets to maintain positive cash flows for over 18 months. Thankfully, the post-pandemic world is set to offer many opportunities to make up for lost time and lost brand growth.

Small businesses that aggressively promote their brands via outdoor advertising tools get the most success. That’s why spending on out-of-home (OOH) ads increased by 38% in 2021. The brands that want continued growth invest in many low-cost yet high-quality outdoor advertising tools.

Custom-printed outdoor flags are by far the most popular outdoor marketing tools for small businesses. These cost-effective flags allow smaller businesses to catch their audiences’ eyes and establish their brands in specific locations. These flags are cheap, portable, easy to install, and very attractive to the eyes.

However, not all outdoor flag marketing campaigns are destined for success. To effectively engage the right audiences, brands need to be strategic and creative. Here are three strategies brands can employ in 2022 to get the most out of their outdoor advertising flags –

  1. Marketing the Brand Across Multiple Customer Touchpoints

Unlike billboard ads, the concept of “one and done” doesn’t apply to flag marketing. Custom-printed marketing flags are light and portable items. They can be strategically installed in various customer touchpoints to give the brand maximum exposure. Here are some “customer touchpoints” brand leaders should target with their advertising flags –

  • Events, tradeshows, business conferences, and other promotional events. Displaying your brand’s flags at these events will give your brand exposure to potential clients.
  • Connect with shoppers at the local market by giving them your custom-printed marketing flags for free. Or, install the flags in the areas of the local market that receive the most foot traffic.
  • Set up your brand’s flags at restaurants, local tourist attractions, outside major stores, etc.

Installing your branded flags across various customer touchpoints will significantly boost your brand’s visibility. Once multiple people see your brand’s flags on a repetitive basis, people will start remembering your brand.

Align Design and Installation Strategies with Your Brand 

Brand leaders get to customize their outdoor advertising flags any way they want. The custom artwork on the flags should –

  • Match with the brand’s existing artwork, design, and color patterns. Don’t create custom flags that don’t reflect your brand’s style, colors, etc.
  • The custom artwork on the flag should make sense in context to its location. For example, if you’re marketing to students, the flag’s design should be student-themed.
  • Use clear fonts and high-contrast colors to make the flags visible even from far away distances.

Incorporate QR Codes into Your Custom Flags 

Use QR codes on your custom marketing flags to track your brand’s growth. These codes don’t take up too much print space. Any customer who sees your flag ad can scan the QR code to get in touch with your brand.

Use these three strategies to launch successful and cost-effective flag marketing campaigns in 2022 and beyond! The chances of potential customers contacting your business via the flag ads also increase when you adopt these strategies.

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