Exquisitely cut 10 carat DIAMONDS

Exquisitely cut 10 carat DIAMONDS

When you are shopping for a diamond , you would probably have a lot of questions like , how can i be sure that what i’m purchasing is a real natural diamond , how do i know if the diamond has been treated . The Key to understanding a diamond and its value is to understand the four attributes that all diamonds share , which are   color clarity cut and carat weight , also known as the four C’s . The gemological institute of america or GIA developed these four  c’s in order to create a universal language when it came to the difficult task of determining diamond quality, it was established in 1931 . 

Yellow diamonds buying guidlelines 

While many of the basics of how to buy a diamond apply to all types of diamonds , they all vary a bit among different colors . Now since yellow diamond is the most common type of diamond among natural diamonds  it is mostly used by people , 

Our main discussion is focused on three main objectives 

1. What are yellow diamonds 

2. What is the meaning of their different intensities 

3. Yellow diamond prices and how to be a smart shopper 

YELLOW DIAMONDS  and intensities (10 carat yellow diamond )

The diamond color scale for white diamonds goes from D to Z as it gets closer to Z it turns a bit yellowish , in tone a pale yellow that degrades the diamond and its price too . Yellow diamonds belong to the special family of natural fancy color diamonds. Regular diamonds that due to impurities found in them (a fluke of nature) change their color during their formation process , making them everything but regular and ordinary .A 10 carat diamond is a rare and beautiful gem. It’s important to take care in your buying decision for a diamond of this size, to ensure you can find a gorgeous diamond for a fair price.You can expect to pay between $15,000 and $20,000 per carat on the low end and upwards of $50,000 for a 10 carat diamond with truly beautiful color, cut and clarity grades.

Smart shopper techniques and pricings 

The price of commodities is dictated by supply and demand – basic rules of economy. BUT… in yellow diamonds (and actually most colored diamonds) the problem is that the most desired diamonds (i.e. demand) are also the rarest diamonds (i.e. supply). The result is that the price increase between the color scale levels are EXTREMELY high (percentage wise). We could say that it is human nature  people wanting what they can’t have, but from the looks of it, it is because of the looks of it , which is really attractive to eyes . A fancy light yellow mounted in yellow gold (or white gold with a yellow gold basket and crown) makes a good value for money diamond priced at $3,500 per a 1 carat diamond.color intensity still plays a vital role as orange diamonds are slightly more valuable than yellow ones . 


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