How to Use a Face Swap Tool for Photos – Free and Easy

How to Use a Face Swap Tool for Photos – Free and Easy

Remember that time you wanted to try out the classiest and trendiest clothes on France Fashion Week, but just couldn’t afford the insane price tags. What about the time you wished you could face swap a superhero in a Marvel movie beating the villain senseless as Superman? What if there was a way to live your dreams having the ability to morph into multiple personalities in the span of a few seconds? Tools such as iSmartta are your saving grace, introducing a revolutionary face swap tool that allows you to switch bodies in an instant!

What is an AI Face Swap Tool?

Powered through a groundbreaking AI engine that intelligently recognizes facial features and cues in mere seconds, iSmarrta is the hottest AI tool on the market. Featuring a fantastic tool that lifts faces from both photos and videos to be planted onto target media with hairline accuracy. The tool has been trained through intelligent data modeling and machine learning to be able to run on peak efficiency with maximum accuracy to deliver images that are distortion free and aligned to perfection.

Face Swap Tools vs Traditional Editing 

Ever heard the phrase work smarter not harder? Tools powered through AI are a peak example of this age old statement. Using a face swap tool allows anyone to edit images and swap faces without training themselves to use complicated software. In most scenarios, unless you are a professional at editing, the results from tools are guaranteed to yield better results. They are designed for this exact purpose and therefore will ace all possibilities, nullifying all beginner mistakes that pop out as a sore thumb in images.

It’s just faster! Face swap tools such as Ismarrta can complete a swap in mere seconds, whereas even the most talented editors would take good chunk of an hour to edit an image with minimal errors. The decision to use a face swap tool is just an obvious choice.

How to Use a Face Swap Tool 

Step 1: Create an account

If the platform you choose requires a login, this should be your first step. Create a free account on a platform of your choice to begin your AI journey. Tools such as Ismarrta are often free to use.

Step 2: Upload your base image or video

The second major step is to upload the base media onto the website. This image or video contains the face that will be replaced by your target image. As most platforms are programmed to identify and process portrait images, please follow this trend for optimal results.

Step 3: Upload your target image.

The final step is to upload your target image. The facial features within this image will be lifted and applied onto the base image, As with the previous step, for the best results, opt towards using portrait images.

Once this step is completed, all that’s left is to run the algorithm and download the end result!


It’s stronger! It’s faster! It’s better! Using an AI-powered face swap will make quick work of what would otherwise be a tedious process. There are several fantastic tools for those interested, among which are the likes of Vidnoz, iSmarrta, Miocreate and many more! Pick what suits your preferences and start swapping!

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