Faerie Fire 5e (5th Edition) in D&D

Faerie Fire 5e (5th Edition) in D&D

Each and every object in a 20-foot cube is highlighted with a different color, like blue, green, or violet. If the creature fails dexterity saving throw that creature within the area.  Whenever the Faerie Fire 5e spell was cast also outlined within the light. Dim light radiates from the affected objects and creatures within ten feet. If the attacker can see an affected creature or object, then it has the advantage of not being invisible.  So any attack against it has the advantage.

5th Edition Faerie Fire spells in D&D

  • Time spent: 1 action
  • at a distance of 60 feet
  • Component:
  • Up to one minute of concentration
  • Druid, Bard

The fifth edition of the world’s most popular tabletop RPG may have a bestiary and supplemental expansion in Faerie Fire 5e. Having explored the world of the fairy wilds in depth, we drew up a court filled with 10 wild, dangerous, and chaotic fey and 20 new and unique monsters to enhance your campaign bestiary-and also 20 magical items to fill your players with wonder (and avarice).

Based on the content in the base edition, it will be approximately 104 pages and full-color; it is going to be the same dimension as your other 5e books so that all of them will line up nicely on your shelf.

As you explore the Fey Court, you will encounter a cast of ten strange and sophisticated beings, from the childlike Monarch to the mischievous Pox & Pilfer–and the mysterious, isolated Sepal, warden of the fairy prisons.

A player who finds themselves within the court’s capricious graces could cause big trouble-or end up dead. Court members are even as likely to show one another off as they are to maintain a fairly order.

Some of the creatures you will encounter in the Wilds are sentient, while others are not. But they all are governed by the arbitrary and downright chaotic rules of the fairy realm. It is true that not every creature in the book is instantly deadly (some will just hold onto you for a while), but none should be taken lightly. During a trip through the wilds, an adventurer may find themselves ensnared by the deadly Chondrofeyr-only to be rescued by someone strangely familiar.

In addition

In addition to beautiful, bold illustrations, all 30 entries will feature balanced stats, inventive mechanics, and vibrant lore to provide ideas for how to use them.

Within the book will be a library of magical items, perfect for adventurous explorers with sticky fingers and time to plot a few curses. A potions table packed with trick grenades, concoctions, and weapons as well as five new weapons and five new armors. Since we want to encourage players to improvise and use their magic items for both combat and roleplay in our own tabletop campaigns, we have designed items which should offer you numerous opportunities to do just that.

Faerie Fire is available as a hardcover copy and as a DRM-free PDF. You can choose the format that works best for your game in the physical or digital download.


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