Greater Restoration 5e (5th Edition)

Greater Restoration 5e (5th Edition)

Cheesing mind-mages can make any magical item at a spell level of 0, including potions, in Greater Restoration 5e. These limitations apply to all psionic . On oabilitiesne psi-spell, you cannot spend more pp than your ML. With reducing spell level costing 8pp/level, you will probably urge maybe 3-4 levels lower at 20 depending on your build and other ML boosts.


5eGreater Restoration

  • The level is 5.
  • Action: 1
  • with components V, S, and M
  • Touch Range:
  • None (Attack)
  • Healing Damage
  • Type: Abjuration

You infuse positive energy into a creature to undo a debilitating effect. By sending one of the following effects, you will reduce the target’s exhaustion level by one:

  • An effect that charms or petrifies the target
  • There is one curse, including the target’s attunement to a cursed magic item
  • Any reduction to at least one of the target’s ability scores
  • reduces its maximum hit points

Arcane/psionic casters cannot use Mind Mage, which is also only arcane/psionic. Potions can only be brewed for spells up to 3rd level, and Greater Restoration is 7th level.

Due to the fact that Greater Restoration is impossible and beyond the reach of level 3 adventurers, you should probably allow Lesser Restoration to fix it (considering that RAW they’ve simply rested). Being able to constrict the mind of a church is like summoning a celestial. Nevertheless, there are very few churches that can call down angels.


There are some FAQ’s

As soon as a creature is cursed by means of an object to become undead, what happens?
Answer: Greater Restoration can uncure a creature, but it does not affect undead creatures specifically.
In order to treat an unknown condition, can you forget the Greater Restoration spell?
Greater Restoration cancels one incidence of any effect it may cancel on the creature you target. Its unique impact is no longer important to you.


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