Spike Growth 5e Spell In DnD

Spike Growth 5e Spell In DnD

During the duration of the Spell of Spike Growth 5e, the ground around a 20-foot radius will sprout hard spikes.  Also thorns, and this area will become difficult terrain. When the creature enters the world or moves within the world, . It will take 2d4 piercing damage for every 5 feet it travels.  Camouflage is used to conceal the transformation of the bottom. In order to recognize the terrain as hazardous, creatures that cannot see the world.  At the time the spell is cast must make a Wisdom (Perception) check against your spell save DC.


Spike Growth 5e

  • A single action takes one minute to cast
  • the spell 150 feet
  • V S M (seven small twigs or seven sharp thorns, each pointing to a point)
  • 10 minutes of concentration
  • Suitable for: Druids, Rangers

If this spell causes damage to a creature, they must also succeed on a Reflex save, . Or they will suffer injuries to their feet and legs that reduce their land speed by half. For twenty-four hours or until they receive a cure spell (which will also restore their lost hit points),.  Injured creatures suffer this speed penalty. Another character can remove the penalty by decorating the injuries.  For 10 minutes and succeeding on a Heal check against the spell’s save DC.

Spells that affect an area of the screen are known as AoE control spells. You simply choose a square on the battlefield from which to use one of these spells. Due to its advantageous position, this area is now your territory in order to force the enemy to travel through it.You don’t need a reason to just drop a Spike Growth on top of a few of your enemies. If you can take a few points of hp out of the enemy while slowing their advance, . This is usually an excellent tactic to use.


Two groups of kobolds are attached to the ranger in the picture above. As a result, she places Spike Growth directly on top of the larger group, hampering half the group. Now that she has a few minutes to spare, . She can affect the two remaining kobolds while the others trudge through.  The thorns and spikLarge open areas are ideal for this strategy.tactic to use in large, open spaces. It allows you and your party to specialize in a smaller group of enemies, meaning.  You’ll take less damage in the encounter than the DM planned. 

There are spells that create a physical barrier or wall that you can place on the battlefield called spike spells. All walls and barriers must adhere to the dimensions of these spells. Those spells work differently, either by creating a barrier that cannot be crossed or a barrier that can be crossed, . But suffers consequences for those who do so.

concept of battlefield

The overall concept of battlefield control can be applied to any TTRPG with combat, . Even if this is often a D&D 5e-focused article. You can also apply these exact tactics to any TTRPG with spells or similar abilities, . So keep that in mind as well.

The spells that control walls and areas of effect allow you to keep yourself and your allies safe while denying the enemy precious resources.  Examples include health and action economies. It is easier for your party to maneuver around and position itself.   While preventing the enemy from having the same benefit. Even though the benefit can’t be calculated as easily as healing or damage dealing, it’s still a tangible benefit in combat!


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