How To Prepare For The AFCAT Exam?

How To Prepare For The AFCAT Exam?

This exam, better known as the Combined Defense Services Exam is the one exam that is used to recruit candidates to the defense services of the country such as The Indian Army, The Naval Force, the Indian Air Force, etc. The CDS exam is held annually under the umbrella of the Union Public Service Commission.

The Indian Air Force carries out a common admission test for the selection of Class-1 gazetted officers for both technical and non-technical roles. This exam is conducted twice a year i.e. in February and August. Like most defense services exams, this exam is extremely sought after and thousands apply to be a part of the prestigious Indian Air Force.

How To Prepare For AFCAT?

The combined entrance test conducted by the Indian Air Force offers an opportunity to both male and female candidates to become a part of the Indian Air Force for both short service and permanent commission. AFCAT 2022 is one such upcoming opportunity for aspiring candidates.

The AFCAT exam is conducted in two parts:

  1. An online exam
  2. The AFSB or the Air Force Selection Board Interview

Candidates who qualify for the online exam are shortlisted and called for an interview at Dehradun, Varanasi, Mysuru, or Gandhinagar. The interview is followed by a medical test and then a final list of shortlisted candidates is prepared.

Before applying for the AFCAT exam, candidates must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria set by the Selection Board. A list of eligibility criteria is available on the Indian Air Force Official website. Once you have applied for the exam, you should begin preparation immediately.

Tips on how to prepare for the AFCAT:

The AFCAT is an intense combined test to enable candidates to be eligible for the Air Force Technical and Non-Technical positions. This is a tough exam as thousands of aspirants apply for it and the positions are limited. Below are some tips to help you crack the AFCAT exam-

  1. Study the syllabus- Before you actually study anything else for this exam, you must go through the syllabus thoroughly. Each topic must be understood before you even start your preparation. This will help you be organized in your preparation.
  2. Make a schedule- Build a schedule for yourself that can be easily followed by you. By studying topics randomly you are bound to be lost in the sea of information available. It is always good to have a map of the terrain you are about to encounter, a principle that will be useful to you as an officer in the force.
  3. Be consistent- Adhere strictly to the schedule that you have prepared for yourself. The forces are nothing if not about discipline. This is an essential trait that you must possess to clear the interview, so be now, while you still have time.
  4. Be curious- A candidate must be naturally curious or develop a sense of curiosity towards everything around them. You must read the newspaper and interesting, intellectual articles about the world and absolutely anything under the sun. A well-informed person is very likely to be selected through the interview process.
  5. Build confidence- Confidence is a key characteristic of a candidate who makes it into the shortlist for the AFCAT. You can use your preparation time to build confidence. Test yourself regularly and try to explain concepts to laymen. This will definitely boost confidence.
  6. Practice Mock tests- An essential part of preparation is to prepare for the actual exam, using the same guidelines. You can find numerous mock tests on BYJU’s exam prep that can help you manage your time while writing the exam.

The AFCAT is one of the most tenuous exams to crack when it comes to the forces, but it is definitely worth it in the end. With practice, patience and perseverance, you can achieve anything that you have set your heart on.

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