Spirit Guardians 5e in D&D

Spirit Guardians 5e in D&D

Spirits are summoned to shield you. During the duration of the flight, they will hover within 15 toes of you. They have an angelic or fey spectral structure (your choice) if you are desirable or neutral. They appear fiendish when you are evil.

Guardians of the spirit world

  • Conjuration: Level 3
  • Duration: One Action
  • Three components: V, S, M*
  • Scope (area): Self
  • Self
  • Self-attack (saving): WIS saving
  • Necrotic Damage
  • Conjuration School
  • School
  • School: 10 minutes

You can designate any creature you can see as being unaffected by this spell when you solidify it. When a creature enters the region for the first time on a flip or begins its flip there, its velocity is halved in the area, and it must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature will suffer 3d8 radiant harm (if you are accurate or neutral) or 3d8 necrotic injury (if you are evil). If the creature succeeds in its save, it takes half as much damage.


Was the Orc army wiped out by Spirit Guardians?

When a spell’s area of impact is created on a creature’s space, that creature is considered to be getting into the spell’s area

Does the Spirit Guardian spell interact with the Sanctuary spell?

A spirit guardians spell that causes injury to an enemy ends your sanctuary spell

Are Spirit Guardians spells stacked with multiple casters?

Half velocity does not stack, but harm should

Walls can Spirit Guardians affect enemies?

AoE spells do not affect creatures through walls unless they have a particular exception.

What are the locations where Spirit Guardians impact a grid?

An area in which a spell originated from the core of a rectangular block


A spirit shields you when you call it forth. For the duration of the flight, they fly within 15 toes of you. It might seem angelic or fey (your choice) if you’re desirable or neutral. Evil people appear fiendish.


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