THC is an active compound found in cannabis plants and is getting a huge amount of popularity as several users say that it can reduce the weight of individuals. No matter if you are using this or not, if you are in the sector of consuming munchies, then it is obvious that you will eat all the snacks after Vaping them.

According to research, this and other varieties of cannabis are related to the gaining of weight, especially among men. However, the whole matter is not so straightforward and easygoing. Other research reporters further said that the person who uses this on a regular basis will not get affected by obesity compared to the one who does not use this at all.

This is a matter of contradiction, which is why you can go further in this to avail all the information regarding weight gain and THC.

THC and Weight Gain

There are links between weight gain and best THC gummies depending on several factors. The persons who consume the munchies attract unhealthy food containing a high amount of sugar-saturated fat, sodium, and many more are responsible for weight gain.

Apart from these, it can also increase the amount of appetite, which allows individuals to eat more and more. These also contain other forms of Cannabidiol, unlike the Terpenes and CBD. Normally, these bind up with the body’s ECS system to provide relief from stress, pain, and inflammation, and increased appetite, which can prominently result in weight gain.

According to the University of Yale, performed in 2015, it can highly affect the appetite in an increased way, which further results in the consumption of several forms of munches. Due to this reason, it is said that a person can gain weight.

However, in certain cannabis users, the witness of weight gain is common but not in all people, which further means that it also provides loss in body weight, mostly accompanying the serious illness.

What are the effects of THC and Marijuana?

There are several effects that are provided by the Marijuana in a person, which are further discussed below for your better understanding:

  • Reduced Athletic Performance

The persons who used Marijuana observed a decrease in their performances along with the reaction time and steadiness, which overall results in the decrease of the athletic performance. Also, it can affect motivation which makes it daunting for particular persons to perform exercises like weight lifting, climbing, and many more.

According to research reports, it is found that THC can increase the RHR or Resting Heart Rate along with blood pressure at the time of severe exercises and also declines the overall tolerance of exercise.

  • Stimulate Appetite

Appetite stimulation cannot totally mean an increase in weight gain. However, the people who feel more hungry get attracted to the munchies, resulting in weight gain. The persons who can control this factor caused by both THC and marijuana can get relief from fatigue and obesity.

THC and Body Mass Index

According to the research of the American Diabetes Association, it is found that THC can result in pancreatic function along with lipid mechanism, which states that the users of cannabis found to have a higher percentage of abdominal visceral fat with high resistance to insulin. It can also further result in a low amount of HDL cholesterol.

The person who uses cannabis on a daily basis is found to have an influence on weight depending on gender. For example, a research report performed in 2015 by the University of Montreal provided that it showed an increased weight in men but not in women.

Further, the meta-analysis Trusted Source regarding the THC and BMI provided that this users obtained a low BMI and obesity rate, but the calorie intake is high.


Thus the amount of research regarding this is not present at a vast level. However, the reporters thus conducted more research to obtain a clear thought amount the TH and weight gain.

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