The Elite (novel)

The Elite (novel)

A 17-year-old girl named America Singer narrates the second novel in Kiera Cass’s best-selling Selection series. She competes with 35 other girls to be Prince Maxon’s wife and become queen. During the competition, six girls remain and tensions are high between them and the dangerous rebels.


The caste system ranges from eight to one, with eights being the homeless and one being royalty. Among the Elite candidates, Prince Maxon has chosen America, Kriss, Celeste, Elise, Natalie, and Marlee. These girls are Maxon’s candidates. As a result of America’s suggestion, Maxon meets their families and throws a Halloween Ball. America and Maxon dance at the ball, and Maxon tells her he will propose to her after the Selection at the right time so she can say yes easily. Maxon feels sure that America will marry him.

Marlee is severely caned after she is discovered to have been having a secret affair with one of the guards. Consequently, she is expelled from the house. Maxon’s negligence of Marlee upsets America and she reconsiders her feelings for him. The girls are then divided into two teams to plan an event: America and Kriss, and Natalie, Celeste, and Elise. The reception for America and Kriss with the Italian Royalty goes smoothly after much planning. She shows America an article showing she is no longer America’s favorite, and Celeste is. At this point, Maxon asks America to talk. Despite the king’s knowledge. he shows her the Princess’s suite and reveals her best friend, Marlee. Marlee and Carter discuss working in Marlee’s kitchen and her marriage to Carter Woodwork, former guard.


America is running toward the gardens when she encounters Maxon leaving the hospital wing. It appears that he is hurt and acting strangely. As America gets locked in a safe room, Maxon is forced to complain about his father whipping him after his stunt on “The Report” and she cleans him up. He tells her that the other scars are from things he’s said, done, or known. According to him, this has been going on for some time. Maxon and Celeste talk about their feelings and how he became close to Kriss after meeting Celeste. They kiss. After thinking she is going home, America begins to realize how much Maxon means to her and that she is going to fight for him and his love once he convinces his father to give her one last chance.


A member of the Elite and the protagonist and narrator of the novella, America Singer competes for the hand of Prince Maxon.
  • In the case of King Maxon Schreave, he must eventually choose a wife among the Elite. The king is blonde and enjoys taking pictures.
  • America Leger’s ex-boyfriend, Aspen Leger, was a palace guard. He used to be a Six.
  • Tames is an Elite member and America’s best friend, but she harbors a secret. America describes her as bubbly and blonde. The two grew up together.
  • Krist Ambers – A member of Elite. Her hair is brown and she is a Three. Throughout the course of the book, Maxon and Kriss grow closer.
  • Elise Whisks – A member of the Elite with connections to New Asia, a country with which Illéa is at war.
  • A member of the Elite, Natalie Luca has dealt with a family tragedy (her sister was killed by rebels). As a blonde, she is seen by Americans as someone who has her head in the clouds.
  • Elite member Celeste Newsome worked as a model and was a Two.runette. Celeste and America do not get along and are often in conflict.
  • Clarkson Schreave is Maxon’s father and king of Illéa. His anger makes the girls fearful. He is disliked by America.
  • Maxon’s mother and Queen of Illéa, Amberly Schreave. Originally from the south, she married King Clarkson at the end of his Selection as a Four. American writers describe her as a kind mentor to selected girls.
  • Former Palace Guard, fallen in love with Marlee and turned into an Eight

Kiera Cass (Author):

Keri Cass is an American-born novelist and author. As an adult fantasy and romance author, she was born in 1981. Her first novel in the popular Selection series, released in 2012, marked the beginning of her career as a professional author. This is the fourth book in the series.


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