Tiny Servant 5e

Tiny Servant 5e

tA wizard could temporarily animate one or more small objects into faithful servants by casting . The tiny servant transmutation spell.

For a period of up to eight hours, the caster could control one small, free-standing object by making it grow arms and legs. When the caster’s telepathic commands are issued from within a range of 120 feet (37 meters),. The creature follows them until they are completed to the best of its ability.

Small Servant 5e

  • Approximately one minute in length
  • from touch to touch
  • touch
  • touch.
  • Time: 8 hours
  • Sale: Yes
  • Artificer and Wizard are the casters

With no commands to obey, the tiny servant only fought for his own safety. Experienced wizards can create multiple creatures directly, all of which can be controlled at once.

One Tiny, nonmagical object that isn’t attached to another object or a surface, nor is it carried by another creature, is touched. Once the spell ends or the target drops to 0 hit points, the target becomes a creature under your control with little arms and legs. You can check its stats in the stat block.

If the creature is within 120 feet of you, you can mentally command it as a bonus action. With this spell, you can command any number of creatures at the same time, issuing the same command to each of them.)

If you prefer, you can issue an easy, general command, such as to fetch a key, keep guard, or stack some books during its next turn. When you do not issue commands, the servant will only defend itself against hostile creatures. As soon as an order is given, the servant follows it diligently until its task is completed.

The creature reverts to its original form when it loses all of its hit points, and any damage it sustained carries over there.

An advanced level

For every spell slot level above 3rd, you’ll be able to animate two additional objects.

It lasts for eight hours and does not require any effort on the part of the user. Yet it’s more than something like Unseen Servant. This thing can really kick a**. What do you get with 5 hit points? One day plus three damage? Send in some of those and beat up your opponents. Even in death, the small Servant will shower your enemies with acid – or worse! Fill one up with a deadly substance and send it after your foes!

Are you troubled by invisible beings? Do not worry, the small Servant will handle it. Would you mind carrying the torch? Make sure the torch carries itself!.  Are you hesitant about sending your familiar on a dangerous scouting mission? . You don’t have to worry, the Servant is not unionized! Bring an impressive box filled with gold coins. Animate the ring case to propose to your beloved! Animating the ring case together with your own.  How do you handle that grappler if every member has eight strength?mber has 8 strength? You need not worry. Tiny Servant will climb the wall and if necessary impale itself in troublesome’s guard chest!


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