The Elements of Style – By William Strunk Jr.

The Elements of Style – By William Strunk Jr.

A popular Reference Book by William Strunk Jr., The Elements of Style PDF is available in PDF format. Published in 1918, the book has been translated into more than 40 languages. Types of books include reference, guide, academic, etc. Based on GoodReads ratings, the book has a 4.3-star rating.

Are you ready to start reading now? Here you can download Epub and PDF versions of The Elements of Style so you can begin reading it right away.

The Elements of Style , Details And Review:

The ELEMENTS OF STYLE Ebook is a great example of an American English writing style guide. Among its contents are:

  • The “eight elementary rules of usage”
  • The “ten elementary principles of composition”
  • The “a few matters of form”
  • The “49 most commonly misunderstood words and expressions”
  • The “57 most frequently misspelled words”

William Strunk Jr. wrote this original book publication in 1918 and Courtyard published it in 1920. Edwin B. The book was revised by White and enlarged by Macmillan in 1959.

Review And Plot:

Anyone who loves writing will enjoy the Elements of Style PDF with the name The Elements of Style. Our conclusion from reading this book was that language must have a structure. Rules and definitions in this book are helpful for developing intelligibility throughout any language.

Strunk wrote The Elements of Style Epub to help students cultivate their writing and composition skills. By using active voice, omitting needless words, and forcing readers to use parallelism correctly, he develops the idea of omitting unnecessary words. White has expanded sections of the preliminary chapters in this revised edition.

The Elements of Style (1818) is the work of American English professor William Strunk Jr. (July 1, 1869 – September 26, 1946). The guide was revised and expanded in the late 20th century by former student E. Strunk. It was widely used in the late 20th century as a guide to English usage, commonly known as Strunk and White.

Life and career[edit]

Strunk was born and reared in CincinnatiOhio, the eldest of the four surviving children of William and Ella Garretson Strunk. He earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Cincinnati in 1890 and a PhD at Cornell University in 1896. tudied morphology and philology at the Sorbonne and the Collège de France during the academic year 1898–99.

Strunk first taught mathematics at Rose Polytechnical Institute in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1890–91. He then taught English at Cornell for 46 years, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa,.   Disdaining specialization and becoming an expert in both classical and non-English literature. He published English Metres, a study of poetic metrical form, in 1922, and compiled critical editions of Cynewulf’s Juliana.  Several works of Dryden, James Fenimore Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans, and several Shakespeare plays. “Strunk also participated in the Manuscript Club, an informal gathering of students and professors interested in writing.  Where he met “a sensitive and deeply thoughtful young man named Elwyn Brooks White.”

Oliver Strunk, who made a name for himself as a musicologist, was born of Strunk’s marriage to Olivia Emilie Locke in 1900. In 1937, William Strunk retired from Cornell. The Hudson River Psychiatric Institute in Poughkeepsie, New York, was the site of his death . Less than a year later following a mental breakdown diagnosed as “senile psychosis.” Strunk is remembered as a kind, considerate teacher and colleague who was devoid of guile or envy.


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